The Best World of Warcraft private servers

The Best World of Warcraft private servers

07 June 2021

Release of the game: World of Warcraft

This franchise was created by Blizzard Entertainment and developed over many years. The game itself was released in 2004.

World of Warcraft is one of the biggest MMORPG games in the world. Developers have created their own fantasy world in the game and, in the meantime, in books and even movies.

WoW is a classical RPG but online. Players can control their unique character and interact with the environment and the enemies. It has a huge open world with an endless number of quests – the most beloved features of the MMORPG genre.

Server №1 for WOW: Firestorm


The server includes 3 add-ons, BfA, Legion or MoP.

The most famous and popular realm is Sethraliss (BfA) that provides x3 rate. Surprisingly all the content works properly and clearly.

This wow private servers has its own store where you can purchase almost anything: included mounts, level-ups, equipment etc. We should highlight that Firestorm has one of the best realms for BfA among other private servers. It guarantees stable connection, minimum bugs and incredible tech support for players.

Server №2 for WOW: WowCircle


Server includes 4 add-ons : WotLK (3.3.5a) , Cata (4.3,4), MoP (5.4,8), Legion (7.3,5).

It is a very popular project. A lot of WoW players have started by playing on this server. To play there, you should register and download the game client. By the years of developing this project is not much different from the official one. wow private servers always provides a stable connection and full technical support.

Wow private server is really huge here — 20 000 active players. It’s incredible. This server always had high quality and dedicated players.

Server`s rates are x1, x5, x100 and FUN.

Server №3 for WOW: Sirus


This server became very popular.

The main reason is that WotLK is united with TBC content. At 80 lvl you can explore TBC locations, raids, or any content or be in Northland.

This wow private server is the best choice for every player who wants something really new. However, WoW Sirus is based on WotLK and TBC patches. It has new classes and races from the future add-ons and its influences on the balance in PvP and PvE. Even players from the official servers want to try this project to feel something new. Also, this server has many updates and unique content made by creators. Technical support is on the highest level, and there are a few GM (game masters) that can help you to solve any problem with clients in every realm.

World of Warcraft’s private server status is very stable. There are around 13 000 active players.

New players will be interested in this project because of its realm Neltharion (x3 rate) and stable quantity of players. There is a friendly community that helps new players to adapt with these brand-new mechanics made by WoW Sirus.

Server №4 for WOW: Warmane


This World of Warcraft server is an incredibly huge project, whose online is around 25,000 active players. The most popular realm is IceCrown (WotLK). In this realm, you can be in a queue with a lot of players, that is so unusual for private servers. Technical support tries to fix game balance as fast as they can.

There are championships on this project with a huge trophy. For the first place in this championship, you will win some money. This is so incredible, especially for a private server.

In the PvE aspect, the server has no bugs. There are enjoyable gameplay in raids, dungeons etc. This World of Warcraft server has a super-friendly community for new players. Old players can help beginners to achieve max level and get cool equipment. There are a lot of guilds that make PvE/PvP progress and compete with others.

Server №5 for WOW: Sunwell


TBC is developing and not available at the moment. But Wrath of the Lich King splits into 2 realms with different rates and bonuses. This project is a copy of the actual 3.3.5a build. Most of the time players will spend in Northland and reach achievements in this location.
One of the features is that Frosthold rate amounts x2 from 68 lvl to max lvl. Also, if you want you can up your experience rate by inviting your friend or buying it in the project`s store.

Game masters closely follow the balance between fractions. They decided to add a bonus system for Alliance players that increases rep.

Server №6 for WOW: Uwow


Server includes 3 add-ons: WotLK, MoP, Legion.

Game worlds are not only distinguished by multiplied realms. For example, they used to create wow private servers like an experimental world to allow players to be in the most comfortable conditions.

This server has incredible tech support. There are always a few game masters in the virtual world.

Donation on this wow private servers is voluntary if you want you can buy almost anything, change your race or fraction, restore the deleted character, as well as buy unique mounts and pets.

The World of Warcraft private server is very stable to play. There are about 4 000 active players here.

The server allows you to choose between a few realms, one of the most interesting is fun (the way you create a max lvl armoured character, and you can try a new race or class for you, or just play for your own fun). Realms like this are very popular among new players who want to find their most comfortable class.

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