Complete Fury Warrior Guide for World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Complete Fury Warrior Guide for World of Warcraft Shadowlands

07 June 2021

World of Warcraft has many different classes for players to build their characters around. You can choose anything from Human warrior to Panda monk. It’s cool to have different classes in your game, but they can be frustrating for novice players. More so when a newbie finds out about different skills and ways to develop their character. So, we decided to compile the full Fury Warrior DPS Guide for WoW Shadowlands. Here we will show you how to create your own Fury Warrior in WoW.

The Basics of Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

Fury Warriors are damage dealers with a centre on construction Rage by unique skills including auto-attacks. To use it on Rampage to activate Enrage. That produces permanent and quick gameplay, improved by the specialisation’s haste buffs. Thanks to them, Fury Warrior is the quickest action specialization in-game. Besides, Fury Warrior has strong self-healing, great versatility, and one of the several raid-wide shielding cooldowns out of all WoW builds.

Pros and Cons of Fury Warrior in Wow Shadowlands


  • quick and, at the same time, interesting playstyle, that concentrates you on permanent damage. Plus, you don’t need to perform magic rituals to remember it.
  • you can hit different targets you can deal damage to different targets with very little build-up and without reducing the ability to aim a sole target
  • has great mobility and various defensive skills
  • provides great attack power buff


  • fast-rotating can be challenging for new players to handle
  • doesn’t have many competing options within several talent rows
  • downtime significantly penalizes damage potential.

Talents of Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

Yeap, there are a lot of different combinations that you can use during character build. Although, each of them has extra room to make a mistake. Talents from the table below exist to take control and choice-making easier during the fight while showing player Fury’s original target, burst, and AoE potential. Notwithstanding, doing the “Simple type”, remains useful during dungeon clearing, quests, and others.

Level 15: Fresh Meat

Level 25: Double Time

Level 30: Onslaught

Level 35: Bounding Stride

Level 40: Frothing Stride

Level 45: Dragon Roar

Level 50: Reckless Abandon

Character Stat preferences concerning Fury Warrior in Wow Shadowlands

fury warrior

We recommend you to upgrade your stats points in this priority:

  • Strength
  • Haste
  • Mastery
  • Critical Strike
  • Versatility

Fury is a straightforward damage-dealer, which concentrates on developing Rage unique abilities and auto-attacks. After that, we use it on Rampage to activate Enrage. All of that produces a fast-paced gameplay loop, improved by the built-in hast buff. This build is an uncomplicated, but effective playstyle, which should do its job throughout the game.

Indeed, critical hits dispense twice of usual damage, yet it doesn’t mix with the character specialization, at the same time Versatility has a smooth increment to damage and decreases received harm by 50%. Besides that, particular rates of certain attributes are highly defined by your current gear.

Best сovenant for Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

There are four different Covenant to choose from. Most of them are pretty decent, but there is one that is kinda useless. The decision concerning which out of them align yourself highly stands upon which faction you like the most. But! It’s useful to know that Fury Warrior will operate properly with every sort of mission

Venthyr: provides with the greatest individual potential damage to a target, which makes it a top option for players that want to do well on raids.

Kyrian: the clever choice that outperforms Venthyr in AoE. What makes it the best option for those who do a lot of Mythic + activities Night Fae is a bit mightier than Kyrian all things considered, however, it is way harder to handle. The main reason for it is the long ground effect on Ancient Aftershock, which can lose a lot of power if opponents run outside from it.

Necrolord is the worst covenant for this build. We highly recommend avoiding it if character might be your purpose. Yeah, it gives a group bonus, but liability makes it a lot harder to play correctly. Besides that, you will constantly be inclined to collapse than with another Covenant.

Legendary pick for Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

While playing with this build you will need to concentrate on Deathmaker for the skill to harass a particular victim or Signet of Tormented Kings toward dealing more damage.

Also, we can recommend a Judgement of the Arbiter as a great alternative option, especially if you can cooperate with other players and deal AoE damage equally great as an individual target when paired with your teammates.

Basic Rotation for Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

fury warrior

We prepared our recommendation on a regular individual target circle down below. If there are various foes – concentrate on Whirlwind to keep its buff. After that try to hit as many foes with your skills as you possibly can. But most of the time buff takes care of itself.

  • Cast Rampage for injury and to keep Enrage
  • Cast Recklessness on cooldown or at any time you need some burst hits
  • Cast Execute whenever you possibly can
  • Cast Bloodthirst on cooldown for Cold Steel, Rage, or Enrage
  • Cast Onslaught while Enraged
  • Cast Dragor Roar while you are Enraged, especially different targets
  • Cast Raging Blow to create some Rage
  • Cast Whirlwind to fill at that time if everything else is on cooldown.

Unlike other builds that concentrate on the identical policy of changing Rage toward old good damage with Rampage also holds Enrage, additional skills, continue keeping buffs, more abilities, and things that can improve the duration of the Execute stage.

Fury warrior results in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

In this chapter, we want to show you other players’ results when they used the Fury warrior character. The user under the name “Addicting” has the Night Elf Fury Warrior.

His character on the Mythic + difficult, on the average, dealt:

  • 2,143 DPS score
  • 1,226.4 Arms score
  • 267.2 Tank score

Besides that, he achieved:

  • 24 20+ keystone timed runs
  • 87 15+ Keystone timed runs
  • 32 10+ keystone timed runs

It is a pretty decent result for a character that is so easy to update and control.


Fury warrior way of upgrading in WoW proves itself as the most suitable ways of character development to novice throughout all World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Yeah, users can have some problems dealing with constant rotation or limit that is produced by downtime. But in comparison to alternative builds these cons are minor.

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