Complete Reyna guide for Valorant

Complete Reyna guide for Valorant

12 June 2021

Today our team wants to take a closer look at one of the original characters in Valorant – Reyna. At first, look to see a life-stealing agent here, she deals a lot of damage and can restore her heal points. This agent is self-sufficient, meaning she can handle many combat situations without the help of crowd-control or healer.

Reyna’s role is to be the initial encounter. Her abilities help her to appear on the other sides of walls and take enemies by surprise, thus making first kills very easy. Nevertheless, this character is highly dependent on kills, she is pretty useless if she doesn’t make a kill at all. Sure, her C ability helps her to near-sight enemies on a consistent basis, but the other her abilities (not counting her ultimate) require kills to be performed.

This agent needs a killer to use her badass abilities? Yep, you’ve heard us correctly – Reyna’s abilities need kills. Q and E skills create little soul orbs near foes she kills, allowing Reyna to restore health or become intangible or invisible for a couple of seconds. But, enough talking about her skills in the introduction. In this guide, our team explains every single thing you need to know in order to play Reyna efficiently.

Reynas skills at Valorant


Let’s start our guide with Leer as the 1st skill in this agent kit. This skill provides her with a huge poking potential. Leer is a throwable orb that marks the enemies who look at it. The effect of this ability works kind of like a flashbang, though this skill lasts slightly longer enemy players can destroy it by shooting at it. Players are able to buy 2 Leer orbs at the beginning of every round, it serves as a great engagement tool



Next in the list, we have the 1st of 2 Reynas abilities that need kills to be utilized. The name of this ability is Devour, it restores Reyna back to full health in several seconds, besides that you can also yield a temporary shield or armor instead of health restoration too. In the game, this basically means that Reyna has the potential to have 100% HP with every next kill and she is pretty competent to take out multiple enemies at once. The enemy team better be ready for 1v5 aces.


Similar to Devour, Dismiss relies on kills too. In particular, this skill more relies on Soul Orbs that spawn after you kill foes. In order to take it you have to be fast, Soul Orbs remain on the ground for only a couple of seconds and that’s it. You can easily miss your shot to use these two skills, you’ll have to perform additional kill to get an opportunity.

Upon activation, this skill makes Reyna intangible. What does intangible mean in particular? In essence, Dismiss makes Reyna unkillable for several seconds, creating an opportunity for this agent to engage or disengage more effectively than over agents.

There is a single “but” , you can’t shoot while you are invisible or invulnerable and there’s a short post-effect period that makes your character more attackable if players from enemy teams have a direct vision of Reyna.

You can fuse this ability with Reyna’s ultimate skills, which makes this agent invisible as long as she is invulnerable. This combination brings forth additional opportunities for her, and makes her a proper badass with ultimate activated.


Last on our list, but not the least cool ability is Reyna’s ultimate skill, Mistress! It takes six ultimate charges to become available, which is a pretty reasonable requirement, considering what Reyna’s ultimate ability is all about. It’s nothing super-duper cool, mind you, but this skill suits Reyna perfectly and completes the ideal package of her abilities.

Mistress is not an ability with effects of its own, but adds additional strength to both Devour and Dismiss. Devour utilizes automatically after every next kill, while Dismiss makes Reyna invisible instead of “only” invulnerable. In addition to all that, the ultimate skill also increases Reyna’s rate of fire, reload speed, and improves recoil speed. But there is one thing that makes this ultimate super-cool. Mistress’s duration resets on every next kill, making Reyna’s snowballing potential next to infinite.

Key Skills to master Reyna in Valorant  


Reyna is a difficult agent, you need to be very dedicated and crazy to use Reyna as your main character! We are not trying to scare you, so you will never select this agent. We are just staying realistic. Her abilities aren’t all that fancy mechanics-wise, but they require kills of the enemy team to be used and kill dealing needs a decent level of knowledge and understanding of the main gameplay sections.

The decent level of Aim

Overall aim and shooting skill need to be your main concern if you are going to main Reyna. There’s no way to avoid aiming skills, you are not going to make a Reyna main if you can’t aim somewhat decently. In addition to a high-level aim, though, you’ll need the right mindset. We are referring to your personal confidence and focus, both of which we’ll cover down below

Focus and Confidence to use Rayna in Valorant

A bad mindset can make your aiming skills absolutely useless. What good is to have an S-tier aim if you’re not confident in your ability to peek and you are unable to focus on the action and eliminate all external distractions.

Aim, confidence, and focus – are the 3 key characteristics of great Reyna mains. By actively improving them, you increase your chances of becoming a squad-annihilation super-soldier is going to increase dramatically.

At the end of this article, we want to answer the question that many players are interested in. Is Rayna a good pick for new players? This highly depends on the beginner’s mechanical abilities. If we’re talking about an absolute newbie with no history of playing first-person shooter games, then we do not recommend Reyna.

Reyna’s abilities are pretty difficult to use. And not only because you have to manually trigger them after killing your foes, but the core reason for this is also a single fact that Reyna’s is absolutely useless if she’s not getting kills on a consistent basis.

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