Rocket League Cars, which are best in 2021, top 5

Rocket League Cars, which are best in 2021, top 5

05 July 2021

Hope you have great holidays, and now ready to rush into Rocket League matches with the best cars. There are updates and new items in the game, you should try. That’s why we compiled a list of Rocket League’s best cars for you. 

List of cars

We realize that our list is not the ultimate one, because you can have a different point of view because of your experience, personal tastes and maybe some other facts, but still – it’s all up to your taste, we just have our version of this top, based on dozen factors, to recommend it to you.

We compiled this list in a view of gamer’s community reviews, our own experience, game statistics, and of course our experts and professional players reviews. With all this data we created a short, Top-5, list of the Rocket League best cars to play in 2021, and our list includes:

  1. Octane
  2. Dominus
  3. Breakout
  4. Mantis
  5. Merc


It’s a fantastic car because of its simplicity in gameplay and well-known high stats. It’s the most popular car in Rocket League for the last three years, and it’s not only popular, but it’s also the best one.

Octane could be a good choice for experienced players and also for beginners, because of its simplicity, its universal both for fun and ranked matches. Have high move speed and controllability that allows you to do lots of maneuvers and confuse your opponent. It also means that you can train to make tricks on it on the special maps or even in the matches.

The only fact about this car that could be a disadvantage is that it’s pretty small, so try to avoid slamming with your enemies. Of course, it’s not the smallest one, but average cars are bigger. Use your benefits in speed and movability to slip away from your opponents and to make a goal. This car gives you wide abilities to improve your skills and try different tactics.

We think that it will not lose its’ popularity in this and even in next years, so it worthy to be on the first place of our top.


Gold Dominus

This car is for those who like the big size. Dominus is well known and loved by fans for its’ offensive potential, in the case of this car you can literally make a goal not only with the ball but also pull your opponents in the gates. Solid design and big size of the model are not only pross of this car, having a big hitbox allows slamming your enemies toughly.

The only disadvantage is that it has a lower movability than cars like Octane, but looking at this minus from an alternative way – you don’t need to make any maneuvers if you can just go through your opponents and make a goal.

From this description, you have to understand already, that it’s also perfect for beginners as Octane. To have fun, train some basic game mechanics or tactics, and smash anybody you want. It also has wonderful look in the game, customizing it up to your tastes, and don’t forget to check out new items.


One of the most important characteristics, especially in Rocket League matches, is accuracy. If it’s high you can make long-shot goals and dominate your opponents without any exotic tricks, difficult maneuvers, or slamming. Breakout is a perfect choice for those players, who prefer to play accurately and catch a lucky moment for a goal. Some of the player’s joke that this car looks like it made from a blocky boulder, but in practice, it helps to do accurate kicks and passes, as well as for dribbling and good controllability

So, it’s not the most beautiful car in the game, but it is still highly effective for high-skilled players. Practical, accurate, smooth, and unusual looking car, that worth to be in our top.


Rocket league mantis

It’s a flat car, so the main advantage in gameplay is stability, this car is for smooth driving. It is very good for offensive playstyle and can realize their potential fast attacks. Mantis is could also be effective in defending gates, but it could be risky so keep it in mind, if you are sure of your skill it will be comfortable to play both for offense or defense. High move speed and stability provide high effectiveness of Mantis, of course, if you use the right tactic.

Also, this car has a lot of variants of cosmetic customizing, so you will definitely find your perfect look.


It’s another blocky giant that could scare the opponents, slamming them away and making goals. Despite the size and look, this solid car is pretty comfortable to drive and control. But as disadvantages, we should mention low boost speed and quick maneuvers or tricks. You should understand that it’s a good car but its’ main game plan is to play as a tank and avoid tricks from the small and speed cars like Octane, that could steal the ball and evade slamming.

If you have friends to play with, it would be perfect if they will use these “small and speed” cars to make the ultimate offensive team.

Which car is the best?

The best car is that car that you like and know how to play on. Our top is a valuable recommendation to know but making a choice is up to you. Every car has pros and cons, you should orient on cars that are preferable for your playstyle. Try, train, have fun and get pure joy.

Our Rocket League best cars top is a shortlist of cars that players and our analytics liked, you can write your own.

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