CoD Warzone Gulag Guide — How To Win Gulag Every Time (10 Tips)

CoD Warzone Gulag Guide — How To Win Gulag Every Time (10 Tips)

05 July 2021

Today we want to give you some tips about Gulage in Call of Duty Warzone. When you perish in the game, the CoD will present an opportunity to fight in Gulag. The winner s going to be respawned in the game. Multiple members of the community find it challenging to win in 1v1 Gunfights. So we decided to provide you with some essential advice about how to win in CoD Warzone Gulag. Stay serene and calm in the Gulag warzone.

Stay patient in the Gulag warzone

Our 1st advice concerns the mental state of the user. It is easily the most significant piece of advice we can give you. Patient players always win. After dying, a user is angry. This manifests in anger and playing in Gulag aggressively. Stay calm and let your foe come to you. We will explain this part more later.

Let enemies approach you in the Gulag warzone.

As we mentioned previously, the user becomes angry when he or she dies in the game. He or she furious, and that is a typical reaction. However, the way to win is to restrain your temper. Stay serene and allow the mad player to approach you. When they are coming to you, they aren’t aware of where you are waiting for them. At the exact moment, you can hear steps and be mindful of where’s, the foe is approaching you. Additionally, you can throw some grenades on the potential path of the rusher. You will stun your enemy for a couple of seconds or even get the kill (If you are lucky). If you are fighting against a patient player, try to move from one side to another of the Gulag. When you failed to spot him, he’s still expecting your rush or moving alongside the wall on the opposing side. You can track him down and kill him from behind. If he continues to expect you on spawn, don’t rush your foe. Just anticipate the flag and then expect him to come to you. Eventually, he will attempt to steal your flag, and then you can kill him. A different way to use this method is to quickly run on your side to the 1st center wall where the flag spawns and wait there. The furious player can run from either side, so it is essential to hear his steps and kill him.

Get acquainted with weapon classes in Gulag of CoD Warzone

CoD Gulag

The wast majority of times, you are spawned with a pistol or a shotgun. Thus, it is essential to exercise with them and learn all potential classes. It will be frustrating to get spawned with an entirely unfamiliar weapon.

Ask your friend in Gulag to call them out.

If you and your companion got in the corresponding Gulag, you could find him on the higher level, and he can recognize you. Then you can ask your mate to call out your foe in the voice chat or throw a rock at them. Technically, this is a bug, and developers can fix it in the future. However, this works fine right now.

When you are in Gulag, turn your Warzone sound up

One of the most critical things in the Gulag is to hear the enemy’s footsteps. 1 versus 1 match is basically a game of cat and mouse, and you want to listen to your foe.

As we mentioned previously, countless players are going to be furious and eager to kill you. At that moment, you should be listening and figuring out where they’re coming from. Utilize your weapon and grenades correctly, and you will win.


In Warzone, headshots cause an insane amount of damage. That means that the vast majority of headshots are one-shot kill. We recommend you practice shooting in the head for some time. You will find it helpful later. Trust us.

Check out the spectators.

CoD Gulag spectators

Even you are all alone in the Gulag, you can utilize spectators for your benefit. Usually, they will be throwing rocks at players inside the Gulag. It is the perfect chance for you to understand where your foe is.

Be smart with your equipment.

We advise you to save grenade or Molotov for the rejection of flag capture. Smokes can serve as a great decoy. Trick your enemy by throwing them in one place while you’re moving in the opposite direction.

If you figure out how to use stuns and flashes efficiently, they will prove themselves useful. You are not required to throw grenades perfectly every time. You just need to throw it somewhat close to the enemy position. Your crosshair will flash, and you will know that they are there. Our team suggests using grenades only when you are aware of their position. You will be able to achieve the full effect and finish your enemy off.

Corners are your best friend in Gulag

Hugging the corners proves to be crucial for a long time. Peeking carefully and getting headshots are the key. We don’t recommend you to be fully exposed; make sure that you are at least partially protected at all times.

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