How To Get Better in HotS: Just Stop Dying!

How To Get Better in HotS: Just Stop Dying!

24 June 2021

Hot to get better in HotS, this is our topic today. There are a lot of reasons why your stats and win rate could be low. Many players are sure about their tactics and game plans, but if they are right, why are they still losing? It’s all because most players do not realize when and where they make a mistake, and today we will talk about one of the main reasons for losing, about dying.

We should start with a short and simple description of dying in matches and how it influences the game. The first problem that you will face is a lack of experience soaking because, at the same time when you are dead, your enemies can farm fluently and push the lane. That can ruin the match, because of the team’s level difference.

The problem that the whole team will face with your death depends on your role. It’s often very unpleasantly to lose the support, and have no heal or buffs, and sometimes this benefit loss can give your opponents an advantage. Playing without support is hard, but possible, unlike playing without a damage dealer or a tank, because if they can try to fight with the enemy’s team or don’t let them push the lane, their supports will not be able to do this.

How to get better, and what to do to stop dying in HotS?

We analyzed players’ feedback and game statistics, plus our team experience, we highlighted a few of the most common problems that you should solve and avoid in your playing, so let’s learn how to get better in HotS.

Your greed will kill you now, and all your team later

hots teamfight

You should understand that HotS gameplay was made with a strong focus on team play and teamwork, because if you want to win – you should play as a part of the team and don’t do any irrational actions that can ruin the game because of your death. But still, there are a lot of players, that don’t realize this simple fact and always try to make a frag, skipping any strategy and common sense:

  • rushing with low health to the battle, trying to fight with two or three enemies in a time, missing that there are now allies near, and nobody can help them.
  • diving under the towers, while trying to finish the opponent, of course without understanding that even if they finish him – they will die and give the enemy team an advantage.
  • starting fight without needed skills or ultimate

There are a lot of examples of greed, and they all show a bad influence on the match result. We have some small general tips, on how to get better in HotS, avoid them:

hots heroes
  • Learn your hero well. You always have no time to think after the fight started, and if you learned your hero stats well, you know the number of damage you can deal, the duration of your skill’s cooldowns, and of course the number of your health points.
  • You should know your enemy. Realizing how many health and mana points your opponent has will help you to decide – should you try to kill him or not, because if you know his stats, you can avoid most of the problems.
  • Use surroundings. You should always feel both your and your enemy attack radius. Knowing distance you can avoid damage, and if you have enough attack range – harass your enemy. As for surroundings, try to aggro your enemy to one of your towers, they will help you to finish him easily. 
  • Communicate with your team. It’s sad, but, indeed, your allies can not read your thoughts, and they don’t know exactly when and how you will decide to attack your enemies. Be polite and smart, and just discuss your plans with a team, or if you are strongly sure about your plan, and don’t want to discuss it – just inform them. 

Tactical feeding and why it’s a bad idea

tactical feeding

We said before, that your death could have a big influence on the match because while you are waiting for the reborning, your enemies can destroy your towers and will have a big advantage against your allies. It’s a real problem because many players still don’t understand that dying, just to slow your enemy is not the best decision.

If you want to get a real advantage, there are two effective ways to do that, just follow a few simple rules:

  1. Harass. We mentioned higher, that you should know both your, and enemy attack range, and we talk about not only normal attacks but also about skills. It’s not a big deal if you don’t know exactly your enemy attack range, just be observant during the game. Harass from the longest possible range and move back if the enemy would try to attack you.
  2. Trading. This variant is much riskier, but it’s still better than to die and fail a team. If your enemy and you have the same attack range you should try to count the number of health points he has and if you have enough health – start trading. Before it, you also have to realize two important things.
    The first one is that you have the support near you, and you can ask him to heal or buff you when it’s needed, do not forget to inform him before the start of trading.
    The second one is that you should understand that you are not going to fight, your main point is to deal as much damage as possible, and get as little damage as possible at the same time. Do not confuse trading with the initiation of the fight, be wiser than your opponents, and you will win.

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