How to turn on Split-Screen in Rocket League PS4/ Nintendo Switch, XBOX One/ PC

How to turn on Split-Screen in Rocket League PS4/ Nintendo Switch, XBOX One/ PC

24 May 2021

With over 4 billion admirers, soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. With this amount of watchers, it’s no different than soccer videogames were always popular. Seeing such popularity, guys from Psyonix decided to create a game where players would play soccer, but with cars instead of people. So in 2015, they launched Rocket League.

Besides obvious advantages this game has the ability for you to play it on split-screen with your buddy, parents, or a loved one. In this piece, we decided to create a guide on how to turn the Rocket League split screen on. Here we will tell you if it is possible to play Rocket League with 2 players behind PC or console.

Rocket League Split-Screen on PC

Here we will tell you how to turn on Rocket League split screen on your personal computer. Just follow those easy steps and you are going to be fine.

Firstly, we need to determine which sort of control you are going to use.

Will two players progress to play Rocket League on gamepads or just one of them will use a gamepad and the other will be playing on his keyboard and mouse? Ways of turning split-screen on differ from each other.

The situation when one user accepts a keyboard and another controller:

  1. go to the central menu;
  2. on the title screen, turn on and off your gamepad until the light on the gamepad will move to the 2nd user;
  3. while staying in the central menu, the 2nd player should push “Start”;
  4. after that Split-screen will turn on.

Let’s assume that two players will be playing with two gamepads:

  1. Attach all controllers and start the game.
  2. When the menu appears and the car has arrived, other players push the “Start”.
  3. This should turn the Split screen on.

Rocket League Split-Screen on Xbox One

rocket league split screen

Here you will learn how to turn on Rocket League split-screen mode on your Xbox One

  1. Log in with your first gamepad, after that tell your friend to do the same with another controller/
  2. Then 1st and 2nd players have entered within theirs Xbox Live accounts, the first gamepad launches Rocket League from his game library/
  3. After the Rocket League is launched you should see the main auto. Now the 2nd user should push the menu button to enter.
  4. Button squeezing should be throbbing at the underside of the screen. The automobile will arrive.
  5. Voila, you can play Rocket League on split-screen beside your buddy sitting on the same coach. Though, the main player will have a preference on the menu options.

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Rocket League on your PS4 using Split-Screen

You don’t know how to play Rocket League on your PS4 using Split Screen?

We will help you out. Just follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Go into your PS+ account.
  2. Open the game.
  3. Let guest log in using the 2nd gamepad.
  4. Squeeze“PS” on the primary gamepad.
  5. Turn on Rocket League (2nd time).
  6. Your buddy presses the “options” key on the 2nd gamepad and joins the game.

There is a way for a 2nd user to play a game on split-screen with no PS+.

Obey those easy moves:

  1. Go into your Playstation account with PS+ and go into the game.
  2. Turn the 2nd gamepad on and go to your PSN. (You still require a legitimate PSN to pull that off).
  3. Squeeze Start in the central menu of Rocket League and the 2nd user will join the group.

Rocket League Split-Screen on your Nintendo Switch

rocket league nintendo

The Nintendo Switch can be frustrating. So it’s no surprise that you don’t know how to turn Split-Screen on your favourite Switch on. Or just don’t know is it possible for the Switch version of Rocket League to sustain 2 players to play using one device?

It is possible.

Just follow these simple actions:

  1. Squeeze L+R while in-game to separate gamepads the divide and press Sl + Sr
  2. Add another play by squeezing +/- on the gamepad. (Though, you need 2 users to play the game)
  3. Voila