HOTS is dead? News about the situation with one of the most popular Blizzard’s MOBA

HOTS is dead? News about the situation with one of the most popular Blizzard’s MOBA

14 June 2021

“HOTS is dead”, this header has confused and disappointed a lot of HOTS fans. In the tail of the 2018th, Blizzard made an announcement about fundamental changes connected with HOTS’ support. Blizzard said that it was a hard decision for them, but it has a big perspective and also wished players to not lose hope and promised that the game will have the support, updates, in-game events, and new heroes as before.

The main change from this decision is that they have to transfer HOTS’ developer’s team to work on other projects. They explained their decision by the example of their previous highly popular games, like Diablo II, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and a lot of other games that were created only after such hard decisions.

This part of developers and Blizzard at all have higher priority to work on other new projects that need developers’ creativity, fervor, and imagination to become new masterpieces of Blizzard Entertainment. Also, they decided to annul their plans for official cyber sport’s programs. Namely to cancel Heroes of the Dorm and Heroes Global Championship tournaments. It also was a strong hit to the fans and another difficult decision for Blizzard.

One of the main features that made HOTS such a popular MOBA game was heroes from all of the Blizzard universe. Favorite heroes from Overwatch, Nexus, Diablo, and other universes meet on the one battlefield to compete with each other and give unforgettable pleasure to the players. But after the announcement about support changes of this MOBA game ensued negative reactions from streamers and cyber sportsmen.

Without official tournament support, pro-gamers started to look for some other games to compete in. As for steamers, their situation was worse because of a strong decrease in views on their streams, so they also have to move their focus to some other games. Most of the other players decided to wait for any news or changes and continued to play.

Incredible reborn of half-alive MOBA game

hots art

At the end of the year, developers make another announcement. Their new main point was to make the game better, funnier, and interesting for the wide audience. By changing some details, they want to add more workable setups, more viability to the Heroes, in-game Easter Eggs, and of course a lot of fun. Players will still have balance and gameplay patches and rework, and of course regular in-game events.

Recently released hero Deathwing is a bruiser, with good damage and two different skill sets, he has CC resistance, good move speed, and high magical damage. He is not really simple to play but worth it to pay attention to and try to play.

This and other changes, patches, gameplay reworks, balance updates bring a new life to the game. After the initiative, kinda Heroes Lounge, a lot of streamers came back to the game because such kind of initiatives is a sign that the game, and namely its’ competitive scene, are starting to be reborn. Blizzard doesn’t show recent statistics but there are no problems to find a match to play, and it means that the average number of players online in the world is again high enough.

You can meet very exotic mixes in your team because now, the community of this MOBA game consists of players who are in the game from the very beginning, those who decided to come back after long-term rest, and first-time players who know only how to launch the game. You can have fun in quick matches or compete in Storm League battles.

Gameplay differences

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA game that doesn’t have the main goal to be like others, the main focus is on the teamwork and team spirit of players, without any selfish carries and solo win. So philosophy is simple: If you want your team to win – play as a team.

This game also doesn’t require the latest hardware and you can run almost every device. The game is free so you don’t have to spend anything to try it. Active and fun matches, friendly community, and your favorite Blizzard’s heroes, that’s what HOTS is.

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