New Ranks system In Rocket League. What is it?

New Ranks system In Rocket League. What is it?

05 June 2021

In 2019 it was advertised that Epic Games negotiate about buying Psyonix studio. And it finally happened.

Rocket League became free to play and has a lot of updates after that and one of them is new ranks. After ranks have been reset to “Season 1”, because of providing new Rocket League Level Ranks, lists of them will be published soon after the update. The system of earning MMR will be the same, players will have to play competitive matches to boost their Rocket League Level Ranks.

To know what is your actual MMR you need at least 10th level, then you’ll be able to play competitive matches we’ll get and see your rank. it will be shown above the name of the match type. As for reaching the 10th level and leveling at all, for new players, it would be useful to know how the leveling system works.

How to rank up?

Rocket league possesses different separate ranks for each competitive game type. It is possible that you will be superchampion in 2vs2 type, but the lowest in 3v3. The player needs to play 10 games to get himself an initial rank. Only winning or losing determines your rank and your individual performance is irrelevant. You can earn 200 points in one game, while a teammate earns over 1,000. If you lose, that loss is the only thing that will affect your rank

List of Rocket League ranks

  • Unranked
  • Silver Tier
    • Prospect 1
    • Prospect 2
    • Prospect 3
    • Prospect Elite
  • Gold Tier
    • Challenger 1
    • Challenger 2
    • Challenger 3
    • Challenger Elite
  • Blue Tier
    • Rising Star
    • Shooting Star
    • All-Star
    • Superstar
  • Champion Tier (purple)
    • Champion
    • Superchampion
    • Grandchampion

Rocket League Levels

rl art

Players earn XP while playing matches. Every time collecting enough experience points they reach new Rocket League Levels. According to new mechanics, we decided to highlight some improvements:

  1. Players will not be able to earn experience in offline matches anymore. It’s because some tricky players can abuse this to claim Rocket League level rewards without any competition. Also for pumping their Rocket League titles without upgrading their skill, it’s not fair.
  2. All currently earned experience will be transformed according to the new Rocket League level ranks system as soon as the update will be provided in the game.
  3. Level’s rewards will also have changed mechanics. Now you will not claim one post-match unlock and collect them one by one. You will be able to get them all in one as a reward for hard self-improving work and invested time after a certain number of matches. It’s important to revise that these changes don’t refer to those players, who already claimed these items.

The difficulty of reaching new Rocket League levels has decreased now. New bonus mechanics will give players an extra experience for some specific game actions:

  • Match finalizing: to motivate players not to leave matches, developers decided to provide the reward for ending the match without leaving it before the finish.
  • In-line matches: you can have up to 200 extra experience points just for playing in a similar Casual Lobby for more than one time in-line. Very pleasuring feature for those players, who prefer to play with their friends in the stack.
  • Backfill: if you join the ongoing match in Casual mode and manage to complete it – you will get your extra experience points after the end of the game. Sure, it’s a complicated goal, but if you reach it, the award will be yours.
  • Weekly Bonus: If you win at least three matches per day during the week or just have twenty-one wins in a sum at the end of the week, you will incredibly 2500 extra experience points. It’s a precious bonus and your regular winning will be awarded deservedly.

Rocket League Titles

Before the update, it was a huge experience difference between on- and offline matches. Because playing online you can earn 2X experience. Offline mode was preferable for skills training and pure fun, of course, players also use online matches for this but if it’s not competitive ones. Competitive matches are for gaining MMR points and raise your Rank. You should be serious with them if you want to come to the Top and race with the best of the best.

The Rocket League Titles system has special mechanics that you should know about. It’s a system of checkpoints, you should get the needed level before claiming a new title. You have to do this every 20 levels. These mechanics will be working till you accomplish the 100th level. After it, you will claim a new title with every new hundred. Titles start from the Veteran and ending with Demigod, the last one is for the 1000th level. Also, important info for you is that you need twenty thousand experience points every time you want to get a new level, this mechanic works after reaching the 20th level.

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