Many players already noticed that there are a lot of new things in WoW Shadowlands. Some of them who care about leveling want to figure out, how it works and how to increase their progress, some of them care about classes’ characteristics, but there is another interesting thing that we will discuss and tell you about, its WoW Shadowlands Covenants.

As always, we will give you a piece of advice and the most useful information about them, to make it easier for you to make any decisions. We will tell you about all their weak and strong points, special profits and the latest information from our experts.

In WoW Shadowlands, Covenants play a significant role, not only for players but also for the whole world story, many quests, and storylines of heroes. Blizzards were obligated to add them to the game, and they are happy about it like all other players do.

Some players already said that Covenants in WoW Shadowlands are almost like a new race, but they are not, we will give you more details a little bit later. They are like a breath of fresh air in the game, because they bring new unique cosmetic items and other in-game stuff that players liked. So let’s move to some details about them, and find out, who or what are Covenants.

Covenants general info

wow sl covenant

Covenants are four powerful and very old fractions that reign in Shadowlands from the time when the world was created. There are a lot of legends and stories about them, but you better learn them separately. They were reigning in Shadowlands on four zones, that were separated between them. Also, they all were reigning in Afterlife, guarding it. They played an important role in the life of this world.

Their main role was to guard the Afterlife in Shadowlands, like security for the judging process, because a lot of souls come to Shadowland for their last court, by the grate Arbiter, that decides where should they go next, or rather to whom of all WoW Shadowlands Covenants.

Souls serve to the Covenants to stop being “fallen” and clean their sins, after that some of them will have a chance to become a part of a great army of Afterlife warriors, immortal soldiers that serve to the Covenants. But there are some of them who have too many sins or don’t want to serve at all, these souls will suffer endlessly in the place called the Maw.

The main feature about your soul, that makes you really special is that you are not dead for a real. You can travel between two worlds, the world of the living, and the world of the dead. Another important detail is that you have freedom of choice, and you could decide by yourself, where and to whom of Covenants, you want to go, ordinary fallen souls couldn’t make a choice, because the great Arbiter judges them and say where they have to go.

You have a pretty wide choice because you can choose any of the four Covenants: Kyrian, Venthyr, Night Fae, and Necrolord. They all have unique features and stories, but we recommend learning more details about them before making any decisions and choices. They all have pros and cons, we will tell you about them soon.

When you reach the required level, you will be able to make your choice, to whom you want to serve. Covenants will give you some special ability that depends on what class do you have for now. If you would serve them good enough, they will give you another special reward, that will boost some of your abilities.

Every Covenant has its one source of power – Sanctum. Every Sanctum has a unique design and story, that you can learn for a better understanding of the lore. Also, Covenants have a unique traveling system, and will also share their secrets with you, when you will be ready to join one of them.

We think, that now you have enough general information about WoW Shadowlands Covenants to learn, and you want to learn more about each of them. So let’s move to the list of Covenants in WoW Shadowlands.



These warriors are brave and always ready to rush into the battle for honor, they are honest and industrious, that’s how we can describe Kyrian Covenants. You should be brave and ready to fight for peace in the whole world, serve industriously and be kind, only having all these qualities you can join them and become a great immortal warrior of the Light powers.

They have their base on the first location that you will see after getting to the Shadowlands, their citadel is extremely beautiful, and you will easily find it. Like all other Covenants, they have Sanctum called Elysian Hold. It is their base, so you can have a rest on its’ territory, when you catch enough souls, you should bring them to it, and also it’s a place where you can find some of NPC that will give you quests and from whom you can learn more details about Kyrian Covenants.

Your main task as a hero is to help them not to lose in this battle and show, show the true power of the Light.


You will be rewarded with two abilities, that Covenants will give you for serving. So will have two additional abilities to your setup:

Kyrian Signature spell – It’s a unique spell that is able only for Kyrian Covenants, it will give you the Summon Steward skill. This spell can save your life in the battle because it gives you twenty percent healing and eliminates all debuffs from you.

Kyrian Class skill – As we said before, it’s a unique skill that you will get depends on what class do you have. Also, you should know about their transport system which will help you to travel wherever you want within Bastion, but it has a long cooldown, after using it you should wait for eight hours before using it again.

The Path of Ascension is a special Covenants’ feature, according to it you will have to choose between three variants: Pelagos, Kleia, and Mikanikos. They all have some special abilities that will help you in your fight for the Light.

Winning a boss is also paid well, so you will get a huge profit if you win. Extra rewards like resources, different cosmetic stuff, some schemes, and upgrades of your Signature skills.



Those who use the power of death and don’t afraid of it at all, are always ready to die, their forces don’t need any rest and include only the most powerful warriors. Warriors of the Death will be guarding the life and peace in Shadowlands. If you want to join them, you have to be really strong, have a steel will, and have an indestructible wish to serve for the Necrolord. If he would let you join his army, you can be sure that your brothers in arms will always be ready to help you and to fight for you to the death.

Necrolords’ Sanctum is called the Seat of Primus, their base is also located there. You can have a rest on its’ territory when you catch enough souls, you should bring them to it, and also it’s a place where you can find some of NPC that will give you quests and from whom you can learn more details about the dark stories of Necrolord history, how powerful he is, and what skeletons in his closet Necrolord hides.

Necrolord uses a unique way of traveling by his Bone Gates, it looks a little bit scary and fantastic, so you can try to find an alternative way of traveling. For example, you can collect some needed stuff, some creativity, and patienceб and use it all on the Abominable Factory. In this factory, you can create something like transport, maybe it will be not so cool as you wish, but it will be still faster than traveling on foot.


You will get two abilities, that Necrolord will give you for serving. Two additional abilities to your setup that could be useful:

Necrolord Signature spell – This skill will highly increase your viability in the fight, The name of this skill is Fleshcraft, after casting it for four seconds, you will get a shield that covers you for twenty percent of your maximal health and lasts for two minutes. But it’s not the end, as we said before your brothers in arms will always be ready to help you and to fight for you to the death, but they will help after the death as well because if you use this spell near the dead body, shield’ defense raises from the twenty to fifty percent of your maximal health.

Necrolord Class skill – it’s unique and depends on what class do you currently have.



The burden of those who serve to the Venthyr is to look for the souls that have too many sins and don’t want to serve Covenants, you should be patient and ready to forgive them because joining this Covenant your main mission is to save these sinners from the endless suffering in the Maw.

Dark colors, baroque style of buildings, and different items that you can find are all because the Venthyr is a real vampire, all this stuff is a part of his long and dark lore. He can give you some ancient secrets for a good serving, so do your best and you will get your reward.

His kingdom is Revendreth, and you will get used to this dark location, and maybe one day you will love it, with all these strange-looking creatures and vampires around you.

Venthyr Sanctum is also located there, it is called Sinfall, gothic style and vampires that will become your true friends in the battle. You will come to this place to bring souls and find some of NPC that will give you quests and from whom you can learn more details about this place and your main mission – catching sinners.


Venthyr Signature spell – Door of Shadows will give you some kind of short-distance teleportation, using the power of the Shadows. You can maximum use it for thirty-five yards and it has a one-minute cooldown.

Venthyr Class skill – as with all previous class skills, it depends on what class you currently have.

Night Fae 

Night Fae

This is a magical creature, that is so beautiful that some of her warriors love her more than life. This WoW Shadowlands Covenant defends nature and has a lot of same with the Kyrian, they also fight for peace, for the Light, and for nature, including an important cycle of Life and Death. Kind hurt and broad mind is what you need to join them.

As in a real fairytale, their Sanctum is located in the forest and named Heart of Forest. Come to this place to bring souls and find some of NPC that will give you quests and from whom you can learn more details about this place and your missions and Light power.


Night Fae Signature spell – Soulshape will allow you to make short-distance teleportation for fifteen yards and will increase your move speed up to fifty percent, the effect will last for twelve seconds.

Night Fae Class skill – as we said before, it depends on what class you currently have.

We hope that know you understand who are the WoW Shadowlands Covenants and it became easier for you to make the right choice. They all are well balanced in the game, and they all have some specific pros and cons, so it’s all up to you.

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WoW Monk is a universal fighter and we decided to tell you about leveling mechanics, that you should know for gaining levels more effectively. As these mechanics have some updates in Shadowlands, we thought to make a separate guide for them.

WoW Monk changes

Blizzards added some new features and changed some of the already existing ones. Now players can see a new tab in a Spellbook, it’s for your talent specialization, here are all of them, it doesn’t matter which spec is currently chosen.

No more default specialization. Earlier, WoW Monk had Windwalker as a default specialization, but now he has only common spells and abilities that are accessible for all Monks before they reach the 10th level. After it, you can fluent choose those one spec that you want and use its’ abilities.

WoW Monk Specializations, which to choose?

wow races

As we said before, WoW Monk is a universal fighter and can play all three roles, like Tank, Melee Damage-dealer or Healer. He has three specializations, namely Brewmaster, Windwalker, and Mistweaver. Each one has pros and cons and focuses on one kind of role.

Brewmaster is a natural Tank that has high viability and defense stats and can survive for a long time and soak up enemies’ damage. Windwalker could scare the enemies with high DPS in melee combat. Mistweaver could restore and heal his allies with his spells.

If we talk about which one is better for leveling, we should give more details for each one.

Another important piece of info to say is that you can choose a specialty only after reaching the 10th level, before you do this, Monk has some default skills and abilities. After you make a choice of specialization you are able to switch amongst them, and of course, it’s free.

Shortlist of Races, default, and allied

Of course, it’s all up to you and it’s not so easy to choose a race because there are a lot of details like traits, prof bonuses, and abilities for each one, but now all races are well balanced and you will not have some critical benefits or weakness after making your choice.

Actually, the list of available races is not so short, because almost all of the races could be Monks. There are a few exclusions from Alliance and Horde. For Alliance, there are Worgen and Lightforged Dranei. For Horde it’s Goblins.

As for Default and Allied races, there is a difference between them. You can choose the default race for your WoW Monk even if you created it for the first time because default races are accessible from the very beginning. In contrast to the previous one, the allied race couldn’t be chosen so simply, you need to do some required actions in the game before you unlock these races.

Default races for Alliance include Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Pandarens, Dwarves, and Draenei. For Horde, you will have Trolls, Undeads, Pandarens, Orcs, and Blood Elves. As for allied races, you can choose Dark Iron Dwarves, Mechagnomes, Void Elves, and Kul Tiranes for Alliance and Mag’har Orcs, Zandalari Trolls, Vulperas, and Nightbornes for Horde.

Again, choosing a race is all up to you, and only you should decide which one is best for your WoW Monk.

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Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony was peculiar. Actually, as before, but with minor changes in the program. Who hasn’t talked about these changes! These are both ordinary Internet users and fans of the WoW series. The event itself is unique. The player’s task is to go to the World of Warcraft. His mission is to learn about the connection with dead souls. Shadowlands events unfold sometime after defeating NʼZoth.

The inhabitants of Azeroth have faced a difficult test. As a result, the balance of the world was upset. Never before has the world been on the brink of disaster. In the Womb, from where there is no exit, the deceased went. The reality is that the Arbiter, who defines the dead’s souls as they deserve, is no longer working. Let’s make some adjustments. But it’s not that simple. There are specific rules for continuing.

Blizzard has decided to please World of Warcraft fans. Here is another exciting addition. This update introduces new personalization options. Now each player can customize his character at his discretion. For example, you can decorate the blood elves with bracelets or add more scars to a person’s face. Or add glowing eyes to your Worgen. Thus, other players will know who and what awaits them in the future. You can’t fool nature. And here everything is as it should.

Fresh WoW character customization screen

We pass to the screen where you can create your character. The character’s appearance has changed. If you choose a class, the character customization comes to life, accompanied by beautiful animation. Rogues go on the full attack; shamans make potential enemies tremble with fear. The reapers soar into the air to show their power of Light. Reveal the whole essence of the style! Plus, all significant races will get new hairstyles, tattoos, scars, and jewelry.

Fresh WoW character customization screen

Go to the WoW character selection screen

The player can now change their appearance; this option is available in the drop-down menu. This menu has received a new update and now looks much better. You can choose the color of the eyes or skin. One action and your character will receive a fresh coat or eye color. It will be convenient for you. Now the choice will be much easier.

Your WoW character customization is your destiny

Choose the way you need it and how you want. So, have you already chosen a character? Now we need to save the edits. Choose the character customization you like, and off you go. Is the name available? Excellent! If the name is free, you can continue. If not, you need to come up with a unique name. And remember: you can always change the character customization before making these edits. Let’s start with the looks of your virtual player.

Your WoW character customization is your destiny

Choose the appropriate portrait, and you can start the fun in WoW. It’s a hairdresser and hair dyeing. It would help if you made your character look presentable. Now it’s available, and it’s time to try it. Forward to the conquest of the peaks! Now we turn to the druids.

The changes also affected them. They are more related to appearance. There are a lot of options, so choose the one that you like best. For example, you can always select the Druid Fire Cat Form. The condition itself looks like this. It would help if you got Fandral’s fiery scythe in Firelands by switching to heroic mode. Well, either in a usual way or fast travel, bypassing time constraints.

World of Warcraft Boosting

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What’s new at the WoW Shadowlands Barber?

Apart from the many settings, there are a few general changes for everyone. Change the gender of the character. Fast, efficient, and straightforward. But as always, to change sex, you had to invest real money. With the new update, you can spend gold denomination to change gender. As you can see, the goal is simple. And the money-saving is fabulous. Finally, what everyone has been waiting for in the MMO has appeared and new weapons as usual.

Have you already set up your WoW character? Unleash your fantasies. Let’s start with the equipment. What matters is how your character customization should look. So, let’s start with the battle for the title of the strongest and most fearless warrior!

It’s your chance to become the best WoW player in gaming history.

Now, you can get even more unique weapons and armor. Your opponents are a severe threat. But you are not a timid one either. It’s time to let them know what awaits them. Use a sword, blunt weapon, polearm, staff, and crossbow. And from armor, use cloth, chain mail, plate, and leather.

the WoW Shadowlands Barber

It brings us to the end of the article. Well, if you are missing a new look and look, you can always dye your hair or get a trendy haircut. We decided to ask what you think about this. What do you like – changing the sex or appearance of your character? Let’s discuss this. We are sure that you have something to tell us that it will be interesting for our readers and us. It’s the truth.

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