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What is boosting service Play With Pro for WoW Shadowlands?

PvP Arena is one of the most essential contents in World of Warcraft SL, where two teams of the same faction battle each other to rise one more place up on the leaderboard. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds, and one of the common causes of this problem is the lack of a good partner. Even if you practice to the maximum, it is not a fact that someone else will do the same. Therefore, we offer a service called Play With Pro, where our best WoW Shadowlands boosters will do everything possible to make you win and grow in the rankings with amazing speed!

Why do you need boosting service Play With Pro for WoW Shadowlands?

Frequent losses can put off your desire to play WoW Shadowlands, while Play With Pro brings back the game's first experience. You will be able to enjoy positive emotions again, recharge yourself with a pleasant atmosphere, and win overwhelmingly with our booster. All that you get by buying our boosting is only a benefit!

The Play With Pro service for WoW Shadowlands provides an opportunity.

Level up the Arena rating to the desired one

Now all your obstacles can disappear because our help will open up new endless possibilities for you. With us, you can easily win the long-awaited titles from Fighter to Gladiator!

Complete a weekly Arena point collection

The main currency that is given to players as a reward in the Arena is Arena Points. They are indispensable in terms of buying Arena Rewards, which improve your character's equipment! Together with our pro player, you can easily start getting them with a vengeance!

Save time and effort

You may notice that it is not always possible to get the desired number of Arena points in one game session. But when you purchase our service, you will find that it is real and even more, too simple and incredibly fast!

How does boosting service Play With Pro for WoW Shadowlands work?

WoW Shadowlands Play With Pro

This type of boosting service means that you can play any number of games in a chosen time with our top gamers in 2v2 or 3v3 rated arenas. Our boosters will be able to play with you at a predetermined time for you to be comfortable and pleasant to get the fulfilment of your order. You will also discover new tactics and strategies, because the Arena is primarily a team game, so our professional players are ready to share their knowledge with you!

During the order's execution, you will keep in touch with the booster in the most convenient format and application of your choice. As soon as we receive payment for the service, our pro player will immediately contact you and begin to clarify the details. We also recommend contacting our online support if you still have any questions!

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Why should you choose Fineboosting?

Our boosting platform is different from others in its ability to keep its word, responsibility and honesty with customers. Having been on the market for a year already, we have solved all the problem situations that have arisen with the client's advantage and very minimized their occurrence! With our pro players, you will get what you came here for without any difficulties. Any problem can be solved with us, so we have other services that can help you too. Save your time and hassle by purchasing our boosting services like Play With Pro for WoW Shadowlands, and you will not regret it!

Fineboosting ensures you get:
Quality service

On our website, you are guaranteed to receive premium co-operation at the lowest prices, that is ready to vouch for you at any moment. With us, you will achieve your goals within the agreed time frame!


WoW boost deals are protected. We do NOT keep your credit information. All on-site transactions are SSL secured. We have already been trusted by over a thousand players who have now improved their gameplay thanks to our pro boosters.

Top gamers

Our partners and employees are the best players worldwide, known for their participation in championships, leagues, and long-term gaming communities members. In addition, each of our boosters is internally tested to meet our criteria and requirements for order fulfilment.

How much per hour does Pro player cost to play with?

The price for the boosting service called Play With Pro for WoW Shadowlands is generated not only from the number of hours you want to spend with our booster, but also from the wanted Arena mode, like 2v2 or 3v3. For example, one hour of playing in the 2v2 Arena with our top player will cost you $ 30. You also have the right to share your purchased time. We will help you create a convenient schedule for you so that you will surely enjoy the order fulfilment process!

Who will I be playing with if I order Shadowlands to play with pro?

Three tiers of players are at your disposal: Rank One players, Tournament Players, and Celebrity players. Each of them embodies patience and professionalism - ask them for tips, and they are obliged to help you in their best possibilities! Our best boosters have already received Rank One in the last season of the Arena and are ready to share their unique experience with you. They compete in LAN tournaments at Blizzard hosted events and know all classes' specifics to anticipate their opponents' actions, thereby looking for holes in their game and gain victory after victory!

Can pro player teach me to play WoW?

Yes, one of our best boosters is ready to share with you his many years of knowledge that allowed him to conquer this universe of WoW games. But to get training, you should go to the Personal Teacher section. The fact is that the Play with pro boosting service provides you with a high-class player who gives only superficial advice so that you can win in the 2v2 or 3v3 Arena with him, not without. But the Personal Teacher service will allow you to unleash your full potential. Our best teacher will be able to analyze your gameplay in detail, understand which teaching method is right for you, what settings in the game you should set, and so on.


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