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What is Gear Packs for World of Warcraft Classic?

Gear and gear sets are pretty much the defining trait for both successful PvE and winning PvP. Therefore, a really huge amount of playing time is devoted to farming. Walkthrough of all sorts of raids in WoW is an easy burden compared to getting the necessary equipment itself, which will take more than one day from you. But our WoW Classic Gear Packs option can take on this daunting task, leaving you only time for enjoyable gameplay.

What are the benefits of purchasing Gear Packs for WoW Classic?

Our professional boost will unlock the best armor and weapons in the game for your character. You will not need to go through hundreds of dungeons and waste your nerves on bosses, where only a few items of equipment drop out at a time. By coordinating our trusted boosters' work schedule, you will confidently and safely speed up the opportunity to receive both Full Dangeoun Gear and Pre-Raid BiS Gear.

Gear Packs for WoW Classic will help you save:


With each new dungeon in Classic, the player understands more and more that the game for him or her is becoming much more drawn-out. Dungeons can be very long, and given the fact that there are no in-game maps, it is easy to get lost in them, even if you have already gone through them before. But with Fineboosting, you will need to get only the finished result in the shortest possible time!


Even if you know where to go, that does not eradicate the fact that dungeons can be very difficult. Dangerous enemies are ready to attack you at any moment and prevent you from going further. You obviously will not enjoy replaying the dungeon. Therefore, by purchasing the Gear Packs for WoW Classic service, you leave this task to us and get only the pleasure of playing the game!


Not every player likes to grind for hours on end because WoW Classic is a whole universe with other features that are much more exciting. But after many hours of farming, you are unlikely to find the strength to relax in the pleasant moments of the game. We recommend purchasing the Gear Packs for WoW Classic service, let our special boosters take away the boring farm from you, leaving you only the best gameplay!

Why choose Fineboosting?

WoW Classic Gear Packs

There are many boosting platforms for WoW Classic, but not all of them are as honest and fair as we are. Our pricing policy is based on availability and allows almost every WoW Classic player to get any boost, including Gear Packs. By choosing us, you eliminate scammers who want to take your account. We do not ask you for information about your mail, to which attached your account, but only want to help make your game more comfortable.

Fineboosting has earned its public thanks to the reputation we maintain and will continue to maintain by delivering all services on time and at the highest level. Choosing Fineboosting, you choose the best!

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Our platform is the best because it has:

Convenient service

The support that works 24/7 is ready to answer your questions right now. As soon as you leave an order, you will be able to monitor the progress of its implementation and adjust the work schedule of the booster, which will write to you almost immediately.


Our website's SSL protocol makes the transfer of data between the server and the client completely anonymous and secure. Our players also adhere to a non-disclosure policy and quietly play on your account without any scripts or bots. Using the VPN program, we bypass the ban system, ensuring that your account remains intact and safe.

A team of professionals

Our boosters are top-level players who have an indestructible experience in playing WoW Classic. They have spent countless hours learning the techniques and tactics of the game. And now they are ready to share it with you and to help you get the best results.

Can you upgrade gear in WoW?

Yes, you can upgrade gear in WWII. The player has the ability to upgrade levels of equipable items, such as armor, weapons, and trinkets. Players can upgrade items by spending appropriate currencies at special Voidbinder NPCs. For example, to improve Nazjatar Benthic, they use Prismatic Manapearls by Voidbinder Zorlan in Newhome (Horde) or Voidbinder Sturzah in Mezzamere (Alliance).

How do I get better gear in WoW?

There are a lot of ways in WoW Classic that will help you improve your gear, for example, through professions or class spells. They are all valid, but they take time, which not everyone has. The best way to get a gear pack ready is to contact Fineboosting for help.

Can you buy gear in WoW?

As you might have guessed, the process of upgrading a new gear pack is too time-consuming. Therefore, our platform has done everything possible so that every player can buy the WoW Classic Gear Pak service. This is not exactly a purchase of a ready-made gear pack, but a grind on your account, which makes the purchase much safer. Our boosters will make a gear pack for a trip to a dungeon or a raid in the shortest possible time!

What is pre BiS in WoW?

BiS stands for "best in the slot" and is used to describe the best item. When it comes to pre BiS it refers to an item that you can get in the dungeons before the raid. You will obviously want to get as much of this equipment as possible before actually entering the raid to pass it successfully. Therefore, on our website, you can purchase the Pre-Raid BiS Gear fast grinding service. It will save you time and hassle.


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