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What is Fortnite Power Leveling?

Fortnite is an amazing world that is ready to share with every incredible sensation and exciting moments. It is filled with its cartoonish graphics, fun weapons, and unique building mechanics. But along with the pleasant comes the annoying, namely the leveling up. What if you do not want to level up on your own? Use the Fortnite Power Leveling service, of course. Our booster will help you unlock up to 1000 levels so that you can achieve your goals in Fortnite!

Why do you need Fortnite Power Leveling?

Leveling up is part of the gameplay loop in Fortnite, but players always have a desire to speed up this process. Together with our service, this is really possible! Our boosters have reached thousands of levels more than once. They tested hundreds of ways through trial and error to finally present you with a method that will bring you results in the shortest possible time!

With Fortnite Power Leveling, you can easily:

Get rewards

Our boosters will do everything for you to get your Account level up and get for you cosmetics, good looking outfits, awesome sprays, nice back blings, long-awaited V-Bucks, lovely emotes and so on. All this and much more is clearly needed in the gameplay!

Open new gaming features

Rewards and levels will definitely open up the game from a new angle for you. This will not only diversify it but also improve it. Therefore, by buying Fortnite Power Leveling, you have a chance to get new and only positive emotions!

Save time and effort

One thousand levels is a lot. Of course, they will add variety to your game, but at the same time, they will also bring long hours of painstaking work. But you play Fortnite primarily for fun. Therefore, it is better to leave our boosters' unpleasant job and get only the content you need!

How does Fortnite Power Leveling work?

Fortnite Power Leveling

To start quickly and efficiently increasing your level, you will need to create an order on our website, defining the current and desired levels for your Fortnite account. Also, do not forget to indicate the platform you are playing on, the queue, and an additional option if you want to get the finished result as quickly as possible.
As soon as you purchase our service, new opportunities will open up on our website, namely, a personal account, a tab for tracking order execution, and so on. A specially selected booster will also contact you to clarify the login's information to your account to start raising its level. Do not worry, we do not ask for mail that is needed to steal your account. You will also be asked to draw up a schedule for the most comfortable order fulfilment for you.

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Why should you choose Fineboosting?

What makes Fineboosting different from the competition is that we are a close-knit group of competitive gamers that take pride in our work. Only our services are so fast and reliable that we are ready to make your life much easier on the same day of the order. Our online customer service 24/7 can answer any question. Feel free to contact us via live support.

Fineboosting is a guarantee of:

Choosing the Fortnite Power Leveling service from us, you are sure to save money, as we want everyone to use our services! Our project workers monitor the service market every day and try to oust competitors with pleasant discounts and affordable prices!


We guarantee the safety of your account. To do this, we have conducted checks and tests for the presence of secondary programs, like hacks, cheats and scripts, in all our boosters. In addition, our team of specialists is familiar with the obligation to use the VPN utility. This way, they bypass any ban. We do not keep your credit information, and all on-site transactions are SSL secured.


The experience of our boosters is the most crucial component in obtaining high-quality and fast results. We have selected the best and proven boosters that can take your gameplay to the next level today! They all take each of their games seriously and participate professionally in many events and competitions.

Frequently asked questions

Do you get V bucks when you level up?

Yes, you can actually get V bucks when you level up. The fact is that the Battle Pass (both the free and paid version) has several tiers that will give you 100 V-Bucks each time to spend in the Fortnite store. Therefore, leveling up is a very important task for every player. To achieve it, you need to win, get kills and an experience bonus. But unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. But reaching the desired level and getting the coveted V bucks is still possible thanks to the Fortnite Power Leveling service. You will get help by one of our best players who will win and find XP bonuses in any situation.

What is the fastest way to level up in Fortnite?

To get new levels quickly, you need to learn how to get XP in Fortnite in the fastest ways. The main methods include:
You need to stay alive in matches as long as possible
Acquire the Battle Pass and play with friends who have it
Complete Challenges - both Daily and Weekly
Unfortunately, all this and more still takes a lot of time and effort from the players. To completely simplify your leveling task, you can purchase the Fortnite Power Leveling service. Thus, you are buying a booster that has high stats and excellent Fortnite skills. By logging into your account, he will be able to reach the desired level for you in the shortest possible time!

What helps you level up in Fortnite?

In order to reach level after level for your Fortnite account, you need to know the intricacies of the game. After reading a lot of articles and watching plenty of videos, you can learn how to level up as quickly as possible. But unfortunately, not everyone has time for this today, especially since you play Fortnite to have fun but not get a new subject to study. That is why we offer Fortnite Power Leveling. Our boosters have already reached 1000 levels more than once, which have brought sweet rewards and exciting achievements to our clients. They know the game from the inside, so it won't be difficult for them to help you level up in no time!

Does Fortnite get harder as you level up?

Each season provides new opportunities for players, preparing them for both: exciting surprises and unpleasant moments. For example, in Season 5, players faced the problem that getting a level became much harder than before. Therefore, there is a possibility that the next seasons could be just as problematic. But you can avoid potential difficulties thanks to Fortnite Power Leveling. Now you will not need to worry and spend a lot of your strength on leveling up because our pro gamers can do this instead of you. Our boosters are top players who have repeatedly provided reliable level up with the maximum speed and on time!

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  1. Fred

    Cool guy, was really friendly, kept me updated and got my order done quickly

  2. owen

    Friendly booster 🙂

  3. Andrew123

    I liked everything. thanks

  4. Michael


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