Best of Arms Warrior PvP combinations in World of Warcraft.

Best of Arms Warrior PvP combinations in World of Warcraft.

31 May 2021

In this guide, we will talk about the best combinations in this meta, for 2v2 and 3v3 modes. We will discuss the strong points of these combinations and what role you will serve as. It will be helpful for WoW arena rankings matches. We are sure that you will also find helpful one of these combos in the 3v3 ladder.

2v2 combinations


Restoration Druid

Has great viability and lots of defence spells so he is really strong in WoW PvP. He is also the strongest teammate for 2v2 mode because he could do covering and supporting as well. Feral Affinity and Mighty Bash can give you extra time in fights to deal damage or cast something. As for defence, you have Guardian Affinity Frenzied Regeneration that doesn’t make you immortal but will help you to survive almost in every battle and still to deal damage. Cyclone ability will help control enemy healers and do offence more effectively.

Discipline Priest

It’s a usual combo, but traditionally it is not effective because of bad teamwork. But now they can be useful for each other, for example with healing and additional pressure from Discipline Priest with his Mindgames ability.

Holy Priest

This combo is much better than the previous one. In this WoW PvP combination, Warrior could be more aggressive because Priest has a stunning ability – Holy Word: Chastise, so Warrior can deal more damage during for the same time. The priest has healing and can play aggressively. Mindgames spell will help to do extra pressure during the offence.

Holy Paladin

He is a very good healer, because of his mana pool and mana restoration and can stay alive in battles for a long by himself. The highly effective defence will help to deal with melee enemies, which are common in 2v2 WoW PvP. Hammer of Justice and Repentance skills are a very effective combo to offence enemies with CC and to implement all Warrior’s DPS.

Ret Paladin

It’s a highly effective combo in 2v2 WoW PvP, because of both high DPS of heroes. Paladin has a Word of Glory spell and has great viability. The two most powerful setups include Avenging Wrath and Hammer of Justice, which deal deadly pressure to your enemies, so this combo is very viable and dangerous to the enemies. Especially for melee, because they will not be able to reach closer quickly and in most cases, will die fast.

Mistweaver Monk

Monk can boost melee’s damage and also can heal. Aggressive gameplay is also possible with Paralysis combined with Leg Sweep to stun several enemies after that you will be able to implement all Arms Warrior DPS. Mystic Touch is a good debuff and also it deals damage to the target, using it will also increase your DPS. Because you know that DPS, good timing, and teamwork are key to success in WoW arena rankings. The other important point is positioning, Monk is pretty thin and should not tank the damage, so it’s better to stay behind the Warrior.

Restoration Shaman

Very annoying combination to the enemies. Resto can spam with Purge, which debuffs enemies and remove one positive effect from the target per cast. Then to preventing any spell casting with Wind Shear and defending from any spells with Grounding Totem. These combos will also help your Warrior to kill the enemy much easier and faster. But it’s not all of his benefits. He also has powerful healing and a huge mana pool, that will allow you to increase your Warrior viability. This combination is one of the most popular for WoW arena rankings matches and now you know why.

3v3 combinations

Shadow Priest and Restoration Shaman

Warrior and Priest can offer both defensive and offensive spells, which makes them universal for the 3v3 ladder. They both are highly viable and can deal a lot of physical and magical damage in the battle. This combination is a wonderful counter pick for the Wizard combo and all other melee and casters combos. Despite their high viability, their main weak point is lasting pressure from melee enemies. So the best strategy is to rush and kill casters first.

Enhancement Shaman and Healer

Also known as Turbo Cleave, this combination is pretty popular in the 3v3 ladder. Shaman can offer great pressure buffing with haste and Shadow damage from Shamanism and Chain Harvest spells, and don’t forget about Doom Winds that spawn Wind totem and give you a chance to deal extra damage. All these spells in sum give you the ability to exert durable pressure on your enemies. Warrior also has Duel, Intervene, Rallying Cry skills, so it increases your Shaman chances to survive and you will be able to find weak points of the enemy team and smash them.

Hunter and Healer

This combination is also known as KFC, is back now after some changes of Hunter and Warrior. Now, the main problem is Hunter’s viability, because it’s still sadly low. Warrior can help to survive for a longer time with his Intervene spell so we can’t say that this combo is universal, but it’s all up to you.

Mage and Healer

A highly effective and pure fun combination. Aggressive setup includes Polymorph and Intimidating Shout, to troll your enemy transforming them into a sheep and then make them run away with Fear effect. This cast will ruin all their plans and will not allow casting. So you will have easy kills and lots of fun. Combustion spell will boost Mage’s damage that increases casting DPS. Good teamwork and well-trained strategy are key to success for this combo in WoW arena rankings.

Warlock and Holy Paladin

Warlock could be very offensive with his Fear and Mortal Coil which disorient and damage your enemies. But if it’s necessary, he also can stun them with Shadowfury. In combination with Warrior, he has high viability that gives him more time to make pressure on his enemies. That’s a simple, viable, and effective combination for the 3v3 ladder.

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