Mobile platforms war or why we are fighting for Fortnite free?

Mobile platforms war or why we are fighting for Fortnite free?

01 June 2021

Fortnite free is not free for now, because of Apple and Google actions. It started from the news that Apple wants to block Fortnite in the App Store for their mobile platform and all mobile Apple devices. They said that Epic Games don’t want to pay traditional “extra fees” by raising prices for every item in the game that you can donate for. Of course, it’s not fair concerning the players and Epic Games refused to do it.

By the way, Google also removed Fortnite from Google play, but in contrast to Apple, Android users still can download the game and new patches from the Fortnite website. That’s where the fight for Fortnite free began.

It’s an unprecedented case of anti-competitive and monopolist’s freedom and economical limitation. So, Epic Games will fight versus this giant mess and already prepared a lawsuit to make Fortnite free again.

While the Fortnite free war is in the run, players of mobile platforms can not worry about their Fortnite accounts. We have cared about all of them, so all their progress, items, V-Bucks, and other game staff will be safe and you will be able to use them.

Especially for iOS and MAC gamers, we decided to make a gift. You will have a bonus to your actual V-Bucks balance that you have bought in the App Store. Nevertheless, to be fair with our audience we also decided to make these V-Backs free to transfer and use on any other gaming platform, so you could spend them wherever you want. And also you will see Fortnite free soon.

Extra fees in Fortnite

fortnite art

Returning to the issue of “Extra fees” we should give you some details for a better understanding of what a horrible distribution policy Apple has. They require above thirty additional percent from every inner game transaction for no visible reasons for it. It’s not fair concerning not only Fortnite players but all mobile gamers community at all. That’s why we will fight for Fortnite free.

It’s an obvious app market monopoly and we can not stand aside when freedoms and rights of all and especially our gamers are violated. And this story is not only about games and gamers. With such a suffocating app distribution policy, Apple gives no chances to small and young developer’s studios to share their products on their marketplace. It kills any fair market competition and is almost illegal concerning the users and developers.

Epic Games reaction

That’s why we already prepared all the needed papers against Apple and want to see justice in courts. Our main point is not only to make things right with Fortnite free but also to show the world, why any market private monopoly is bad. We have sent our lawsuits to European, Australian, United States courts and wait for justice.

We will inform our audience when will have replies from courts, share our #FreeFortnite hashtag to raise public awareness, and support our fighting. We believe that justice will be served soon. Fortnite free!

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