Is Fortnite down? What’s happening with the game now?

Is Fortnite down? What’s happening with the game now?

09 October 2020

Fortnite is a free-to-play Battle Royale with a large amount of game modes for every type of game player.

It is a popular game that continues to improve and gets better with each update. And it should be noted that updates are released here quite often.

So don’t panic if you notice some problems or the game lags. The developers are working hard to fix the problem with the voice chat now.

Many players have noticed that bugs often occur in the game and even release new items and patches fail. Usually, the developers react rather quickly and fix the situation, which can be read about on their twitter:

Fortnite cares about its fans and gives them the opportunity to contact them directly if they have questions or concerns. They also often offer players some lucrative goodies if they have problems with playing.

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