Shadowlands is a game where you have to do quests, discover the game world, and of course, you need to upgrade your equipment, the mount or cosmetic items, and what do you need for it? Money, money is what you need to farm first, and we will talk about how and where to do it in Shadowlands, and other valuable stuff, because you can farm not only gold.


wow gold

WoW Shadowlands is a game, where the influence of the game money is pretty high, more and more players want to know how to farm them. At all times, money could solve most of your problems, but having money is never enough, so you also need to think about how to earn them. Having a good farm you will have a lot of in-game benefits.

We are sure that the average player wants to feel comfortable about his money and buy new rare items to upgrade the equipment or get some rare stuff, collect some unique clothes or beautiful mounts. So, in general, being rich enough.

As for ways of farming gold, the easiest one is trading in an Auction House. It’s a special place where players can sell some materials and resources that they can find while doing quests or mining them on the Shadowlands’ open spaces. It is a good way to farm for the new players, because of its simplicity. You also need to have a specific skill build, that includes abilities that allow you to mine ores, get herbs, and other resources.

It is not hard to calculate, how much you can earn doing mining:


wow fishing

This way is for those players that prefer not to live in dungeons, and just want to chill. For some of them, fishing could be a kind of virtual meditation, but you can also earn a lot of gold by doing this. It sounds unreal, but if you are persistent enough, you can earn a lot of money, something like 150 – 200 thousand of gold, just for fishing.

Another way of having a profit from this activity is to hunt for some unique mounts. This type of mount is valuable because it can move underwater. A small tip from our experts, that raises your chances to catch something worthy, is to try to fish Drustvar that is in BfA, and you will likely catch it.

Rare Mounts

wow mount

We mentioned previously that in Shadowlands you can farm not only gold but also some very expensive items. You could sell them or make your collection, but are still really valuable and liquid items. Now, we will tell you about rare mounts that you can find in Shadowlands to farm.

Like fishing, this way of the farm doesn’t require any specific skills to have and cancel boring preparations that you need for example for mining or herbs collecting. The main thing that you should know is their areas of living, you can find this information on the Internet, there are a lot of websites with specific info for each mount and where it lives. You should learn the location before moving to it, because there are often a lot of dangerous creatures, except wanted mount, there.

You should be persistent and lucky because if you want to find a rare mount, you should be ready to try at least a few times, but when you finally get it you will understand that it worthed it. As we said before, rare mounts could be very expensive and cost a lot of gold, they are also beautiful, and you can decide not to sell them. Of course, it’s all up to you, but it still a good way to farm.

The only aspect that could be boring is waiting. Do not expect that mount is waiting for you when you come to the location you mount will not spawn near you, so get ready to wait some time and maybe to search for it. When you find it you should do your best and catch it. We are sure, that with our Shadowlands farm tips, it will be easier for you to find and farm a rare mount.


wow renown

This resource is connected with Covenants, that were recently added to Shadowlands, and you can farm it in different ways, but there are some of them that we think are more preferable to choose. The main problem that most players can face after the end of the main storyline is that they have to find some alternative ways to farm it.

It’s not a big deal and we highlight two of them:

  1. One of your main tasks, while serving Covenants, is to get the Anima to their bases, so it’s an ordinary weekly task, just don’t forget to complete it in time.
  2. Another basic task, that you have to do for Covenants, is collecting souls that you can find in some areas, and get them to the Covenants, to earn Renown.

Other ways are not so effective, but you can use them just because of interest. Playing Shadowlands, you should have fun, because the game world is really interesting and offers you a lot of different quests and opportunities, but if we talk about the farm – you should focus on your profit. Remember that you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy everything else.

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