Release of the game: World of Warcraft

This franchise was created by Blizzard Entertainment and developed over many years. The game itself was released in 2004.

World of Warcraft is one of the biggest MMORPG games in the world. Developers have created their own fantasy world in the game and, in the meantime, in books and even movies.

WoW is a classical RPG but online. Players can control their unique character and interact with the environment and the enemies. It has a huge open world with an endless number of quests – the most beloved features of the MMORPG genre.

Server №1 for WOW: Firestorm


The server includes 3 add-ons, BfA, Legion or MoP.

The most famous and popular realm is Sethraliss (BfA) that provides x3 rate. Surprisingly all the content works properly and clearly.

This wow private servers has its own store where you can purchase almost anything: included mounts, level-ups, equipment etc. We should highlight that Firestorm has one of the best realms for BfA among other private servers. It guarantees stable connection, minimum bugs and incredible tech support for players.

Server №2 for WOW: WowCircle


Server includes 4 add-ons : WotLK (3.3.5a) , Cata (4.3,4), MoP (5.4,8), Legion (7.3,5).

It is a very popular project. A lot of WoW players have started by playing on this server. To play there, you should register and download the game client. By the years of developing this project is not much different from the official one. wow private servers always provides a stable connection and full technical support.

Wow private server is really huge here — 20 000 active players. It’s incredible. This server always had high quality and dedicated players.

Server`s rates are x1, x5, x100 and FUN.

Server №3 for WOW: Sirus


This server became very popular.

The main reason is that WotLK is united with TBC content. At 80 lvl you can explore TBC locations, raids, or any content or be in Northland.

This wow private server is the best choice for every player who wants something really new. However, WoW Sirus is based on WotLK and TBC patches. It has new classes and races from the future add-ons and its influences on the balance in PvP and PvE. Even players from the official servers want to try this project to feel something new. Also, this server has many updates and unique content made by creators. Technical support is on the highest level, and there are a few GM (game masters) that can help you to solve any problem with clients in every realm.

World of Warcraft’s private server status is very stable. There are around 13 000 active players.

New players will be interested in this project because of its realm Neltharion (x3 rate) and stable quantity of players. There is a friendly community that helps new players to adapt with these brand-new mechanics made by WoW Sirus.

Server №4 for WOW: Warmane


This World of Warcraft server is an incredibly huge project, whose online is around 25,000 active players. The most popular realm is IceCrown (WotLK). In this realm, you can be in a queue with a lot of players, that is so unusual for private servers. Technical support tries to fix game balance as fast as they can.

There are championships on this project with a huge trophy. For the first place in this championship, you will win some money. This is so incredible, especially for a private server.

In the PvE aspect, the server has no bugs. There are enjoyable gameplay in raids, dungeons etc. This World of Warcraft server has a super-friendly community for new players. Old players can help beginners to achieve max level and get cool equipment. There are a lot of guilds that make PvE/PvP progress and compete with others.

Server №5 for WOW: Sunwell


TBC is developing and not available at the moment. But Wrath of the Lich King splits into 2 realms with different rates and bonuses. This project is a copy of the actual 3.3.5a build. Most of the time players will spend in Northland and reach achievements in this location.
One of the features is that Frosthold rate amounts x2 from 68 lvl to max lvl. Also, if you want you can up your experience rate by inviting your friend or buying it in the project`s store.

Game masters closely follow the balance between fractions. They decided to add a bonus system for Alliance players that increases rep.

Server №6 for WOW: Uwow


Server includes 3 add-ons: WotLK, MoP, Legion.

Game worlds are not only distinguished by multiplied realms. For example, they used to create wow private servers like an experimental world to allow players to be in the most comfortable conditions.

This server has incredible tech support. There are always a few game masters in the virtual world.

Donation on this wow private servers is voluntary if you want you can buy almost anything, change your race or fraction, restore the deleted character, as well as buy unique mounts and pets.

The World of Warcraft private server is very stable to play. There are about 4 000 active players here.

The server allows you to choose between a few realms, one of the most interesting is fun (the way you create a max lvl armoured character, and you can try a new race or class for you, or just play for your own fun). Realms like this are very popular among new players who want to find their most comfortable class.

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World of Warcraft has many different classes for players to build their characters around. You can choose anything from Human warrior to Panda monk. It’s cool to have different classes in your game, but they can be frustrating for novice players. More so when a newbie finds out about different skills and ways to develop their character. So, we decided to compile the full Fury Warrior DPS Guide for WoW Shadowlands. Here we will show you how to create your own Fury Warrior in WoW.

The Basics of Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

Fury Warriors are damage dealers with a centre on construction Rage by unique skills including auto-attacks. To use it on Rampage to activate Enrage. That produces permanent and quick gameplay, improved by the specialisation’s haste buffs. Thanks to them, Fury Warrior is the quickest action specialization in-game. Besides, Fury Warrior has strong self-healing, great versatility, and one of the several raid-wide shielding cooldowns out of all WoW builds.

Pros and Cons of Fury Warrior in Wow Shadowlands



Talents of Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

Yeap, there are a lot of different combinations that you can use during character build. Although, each of them has extra room to make a mistake. Talents from the table below exist to take control and choice-making easier during the fight while showing player Fury’s original target, burst, and AoE potential. Notwithstanding, doing the “Simple type”, remains useful during dungeon clearing, quests, and others.

Level 15: Fresh Meat

Level 25: Double Time

Level 30: Onslaught

Level 35: Bounding Stride

Level 40: Frothing Stride

Level 45: Dragon Roar

Level 50: Reckless Abandon

Character Stat preferences concerning Fury Warrior in Wow Shadowlands

fury warrior

We recommend you to upgrade your stats points in this priority:

Fury is a straightforward damage-dealer, which concentrates on developing Rage unique abilities and auto-attacks. After that, we use it on Rampage to activate Enrage. All of that produces a fast-paced gameplay loop, improved by the built-in hast buff. This build is an uncomplicated, but effective playstyle, which should do its job throughout the game.

Indeed, critical hits dispense twice of usual damage, yet it doesn’t mix with the character specialization, at the same time Versatility has a smooth increment to damage and decreases received harm by 50%. Besides that, particular rates of certain attributes are highly defined by your current gear.

Best сovenant for Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

There are four different Covenant to choose from. Most of them are pretty decent, but there is one that is kinda useless. The decision concerning which out of them align yourself highly stands upon which faction you like the most. But! It’s useful to know that Fury Warrior will operate properly with every sort of mission

Venthyr: provides with the greatest individual potential damage to a target, which makes it a top option for players that want to do well on raids.

Kyrian: the clever choice that outperforms Venthyr in AoE. What makes it the best option for those who do a lot of Mythic + activities Night Fae is a bit mightier than Kyrian all things considered, however, it is way harder to handle. The main reason for it is the long ground effect on Ancient Aftershock, which can lose a lot of power if opponents run outside from it.

Necrolord is the worst covenant for this build. We highly recommend avoiding it if character might be your purpose. Yeah, it gives a group bonus, but liability makes it a lot harder to play correctly. Besides that, you will constantly be inclined to collapse than with another Covenant.

Legendary pick for Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

While playing with this build you will need to concentrate on Deathmaker for the skill to harass a particular victim or Signet of Tormented Kings toward dealing more damage.

Also, we can recommend a Judgement of the Arbiter as a great alternative option, especially if you can cooperate with other players and deal AoE damage equally great as an individual target when paired with your teammates.

Basic Rotation for Fury Warrior in WoW Shadowlands

fury warrior

We prepared our recommendation on a regular individual target circle down below. If there are various foes – concentrate on Whirlwind to keep its buff. After that try to hit as many foes with your skills as you possibly can. But most of the time buff takes care of itself.

Unlike other builds that concentrate on the identical policy of changing Rage toward old good damage with Rampage also holds Enrage, additional skills, continue keeping buffs, more abilities, and things that can improve the duration of the Execute stage.

Fury warrior results in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

In this chapter, we want to show you other players’ results when they used the Fury warrior character. The user under the name “Addicting” has the Night Elf Fury Warrior.

His character on the Mythic + difficult, on the average, dealt:

Besides that, he achieved:

It is a pretty decent result for a character that is so easy to update and control.


Fury warrior way of upgrading in WoW proves itself as the most suitable ways of character development to novice throughout all World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Yeah, users can have some problems dealing with constant rotation or limit that is produced by downtime. But in comparison to alternative builds these cons are minor.

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WoW Monk is a universal fighter and we decided to tell you about leveling mechanics, that you should know for gaining levels more effectively. As these mechanics have some updates in Shadowlands, we thought to make a separate guide for them.

WoW Monk changes

Blizzards added some new features and changed some of the already existing ones. Now players can see a new tab in a Spellbook, it’s for your talent specialization, here are all of them, it doesn’t matter which spec is currently chosen.

No more default specialization. Earlier, WoW Monk had Windwalker as a default specialization, but now he has only common spells and abilities that are accessible for all Monks before they reach the 10th level. After it, you can fluent choose those one spec that you want and use its’ abilities.

WoW Monk Specializations, which to choose?

wow races

As we said before, WoW Monk is a universal fighter and can play all three roles, like Tank, Melee Damage-dealer or Healer. He has three specializations, namely Brewmaster, Windwalker, and Mistweaver. Each one has pros and cons and focuses on one kind of role.

Brewmaster is a natural Tank that has high viability and defense stats and can survive for a long time and soak up enemies’ damage. Windwalker could scare the enemies with high DPS in melee combat. Mistweaver could restore and heal his allies with his spells.

If we talk about which one is better for leveling, we should give more details for each one.

Another important piece of info to say is that you can choose a specialty only after reaching the 10th level, before you do this, Monk has some default skills and abilities. After you make a choice of specialization you are able to switch amongst them, and of course, it’s free.

Shortlist of Races, default, and allied

Of course, it’s all up to you and it’s not so easy to choose a race because there are a lot of details like traits, prof bonuses, and abilities for each one, but now all races are well balanced and you will not have some critical benefits or weakness after making your choice.

Actually, the list of available races is not so short, because almost all of the races could be Monks. There are a few exclusions from Alliance and Horde. For Alliance, there are Worgen and Lightforged Dranei. For Horde it’s Goblins.

As for Default and Allied races, there is a difference between them. You can choose the default race for your WoW Monk even if you created it for the first time because default races are accessible from the very beginning. In contrast to the previous one, the allied race couldn’t be chosen so simply, you need to do some required actions in the game before you unlock these races.

Default races for Alliance include Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Pandarens, Dwarves, and Draenei. For Horde, you will have Trolls, Undeads, Pandarens, Orcs, and Blood Elves. As for allied races, you can choose Dark Iron Dwarves, Mechagnomes, Void Elves, and Kul Tiranes for Alliance and Mag’har Orcs, Zandalari Trolls, Vulperas, and Nightbornes for Horde.

Again, choosing a race is all up to you, and only you should decide which one is best for your WoW Monk.

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In this guide, we will talk about the best combinations in this meta, for 2v2 and 3v3 modes. We will discuss the strong points of these combinations and what role you will serve as. It will be helpful for WoW arena rankings matches. We are sure that you will also find helpful one of these combos in the 3v3 ladder.

2v2 combinations


Restoration Druid

Has great viability and lots of defence spells so he is really strong in WoW PvP. He is also the strongest teammate for 2v2 mode because he could do covering and supporting as well. Feral Affinity and Mighty Bash can give you extra time in fights to deal damage or cast something. As for defence, you have Guardian Affinity Frenzied Regeneration that doesn’t make you immortal but will help you to survive almost in every battle and still to deal damage. Cyclone ability will help control enemy healers and do offence more effectively.

Discipline Priest

It’s a usual combo, but traditionally it is not effective because of bad teamwork. But now they can be useful for each other, for example with healing and additional pressure from Discipline Priest with his Mindgames ability.

Holy Priest

This combo is much better than the previous one. In this WoW PvP combination, Warrior could be more aggressive because Priest has a stunning ability – Holy Word: Chastise, so Warrior can deal more damage during for the same time. The priest has healing and can play aggressively. Mindgames spell will help to do extra pressure during the offence.

Holy Paladin

He is a very good healer, because of his mana pool and mana restoration and can stay alive in battles for a long by himself. The highly effective defence will help to deal with melee enemies, which are common in 2v2 WoW PvP. Hammer of Justice and Repentance skills are a very effective combo to offence enemies with CC and to implement all Warrior’s DPS.

Ret Paladin

It’s a highly effective combo in 2v2 WoW PvP, because of both high DPS of heroes. Paladin has a Word of Glory spell and has great viability. The two most powerful setups include Avenging Wrath and Hammer of Justice, which deal deadly pressure to your enemies, so this combo is very viable and dangerous to the enemies. Especially for melee, because they will not be able to reach closer quickly and in most cases, will die fast.

Mistweaver Monk

Monk can boost melee’s damage and also can heal. Aggressive gameplay is also possible with Paralysis combined with Leg Sweep to stun several enemies after that you will be able to implement all Arms Warrior DPS. Mystic Touch is a good debuff and also it deals damage to the target, using it will also increase your DPS. Because you know that DPS, good timing, and teamwork are key to success in WoW arena rankings. The other important point is positioning, Monk is pretty thin and should not tank the damage, so it’s better to stay behind the Warrior.

Restoration Shaman

Very annoying combination to the enemies. Resto can spam with Purge, which debuffs enemies and remove one positive effect from the target per cast. Then to preventing any spell casting with Wind Shear and defending from any spells with Grounding Totem. These combos will also help your Warrior to kill the enemy much easier and faster. But it’s not all of his benefits. He also has powerful healing and a huge mana pool, that will allow you to increase your Warrior viability. This combination is one of the most popular for WoW arena rankings matches and now you know why.

3v3 combinations

Shadow Priest and Restoration Shaman

Warrior and Priest can offer both defensive and offensive spells, which makes them universal for the 3v3 ladder. They both are highly viable and can deal a lot of physical and magical damage in the battle. This combination is a wonderful counter pick for the Wizard combo and all other melee and casters combos. Despite their high viability, their main weak point is lasting pressure from melee enemies. So the best strategy is to rush and kill casters first.

Enhancement Shaman and Healer

Also known as Turbo Cleave, this combination is pretty popular in the 3v3 ladder. Shaman can offer great pressure buffing with haste and Shadow damage from Shamanism and Chain Harvest spells, and don’t forget about Doom Winds that spawn Wind totem and give you a chance to deal extra damage. All these spells in sum give you the ability to exert durable pressure on your enemies. Warrior also has Duel, Intervene, Rallying Cry skills, so it increases your Shaman chances to survive and you will be able to find weak points of the enemy team and smash them.

Hunter and Healer

This combination is also known as KFC, is back now after some changes of Hunter and Warrior. Now, the main problem is Hunter’s viability, because it’s still sadly low. Warrior can help to survive for a longer time with his Intervene spell so we can’t say that this combo is universal, but it’s all up to you.

Mage and Healer

A highly effective and pure fun combination. Aggressive setup includes Polymorph and Intimidating Shout, to troll your enemy transforming them into a sheep and then make them run away with Fear effect. This cast will ruin all their plans and will not allow casting. So you will have easy kills and lots of fun. Combustion spell will boost Mage’s damage that increases casting DPS. Good teamwork and well-trained strategy are key to success for this combo in WoW arena rankings.

Warlock and Holy Paladin

Warlock could be very offensive with his Fear and Mortal Coil which disorient and damage your enemies. But if it’s necessary, he also can stun them with Shadowfury. In combination with Warrior, he has high viability that gives him more time to make pressure on his enemies. That’s a simple, viable, and effective combination for the 3v3 ladder.

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Launched in 2004, WoW is among the oldest multiplayer games in the video game industry. It is not a surprise that WoW possessed a handful of hotfixes throughout its long existence. Our team decided to formulate the ultimate list of the 9.0.5 WoW update differences from the former version.


Dungeons and Raids

Sanguine Depths:

Legendary items

Demon Hunter:


Death Knight





Items and Rewards


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Blizzard opened the doors to Shadowlands on November 24. The add-on has finally become available, and here we will tell you what the developers have prepared for users this time. Besides, in this article, we will understand what boosting is in WoW and who needs it.

The hero’s path starts again with leveling

The jokes that the former heroes in the new addon are becoming average workers are not at all a joke. You find yourself in a world that not only lives by its laws in Shadowlands. Here your hero is also disliked. Remember how many characters you killed in 15 years of playing WoW? They all ended up in the afterlife.

Each player has to go through four locations. You do not choose the order of passage of the story campaigns, unlike previous additions, but follow the plan: Bastion, Maldraxus, Ardenveld, Revendreth. You will earn the 60th level long before the end of the campaign if you complete all the quests along the way. Moreover, even with the right character customisation you will have to complete all the campaign tasks sequentially, regardless of the character level. Pay close attention to side quests only if you do not set a goal for yourself to quickly boost.

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Choose the right Covenant

You will have to travel to Oribos again to select the covenant you will serve after reaching the maximum level. You can change it later, but this will slow down your progress. The main difficulty is to choose the right one, having practically no data in the game. Therefore, use the opportunity to test the covenants’ skills during the passage of the story campaigns.

There are four covenants in total – the primary abilities are given to you to try immediately upon entering the location. It’s never a bad idea to just beat the mobs for ten minutes longer to figure out which ability you like best.

The character will still play well in PvP or dungeons if you choose a covenant for raids. The bonuses that the covenant gives to the character in a given situation differ by 5-10% in terms of efficiency.

Every hero can craft legendary items now

You no longer have to wait for the right item to drop out of random loot, as in Legion. However, there is one annoying limitation of one legendary thing per hero. You will be able to craft several legendary items by the end of the expansion. You simply do not have enough resources, and therefore you only need to select one legendary at the beginning of the content. There are many items, but it remains to be seen which item will be the best for each specialization. Wait for enough experience before crafting legendary items. If you don’t want to wait, you can turn to the boosting service in WoW, and professional players will help you.

Legendary items will have several levels, which will require industrial-scale soul ash to rise. You can earn this resource once a week. Blizzard has come up with enough motivation for players to keep coming back to WoW again and again. But there will be no more grind. Collect the maximum amount of a resource in a couple of hours and wait for the next week.

World of Warcraft is popular again

Every time a new expansion is released, a massive number of players return to World of Warcraft. Some want to go through a story campaign and find out what happened to their favorite characters; others are waiting for a new ranked season in PvP or a raid. Players have been waiting for a long time for the developers to upload new content, and the game will get fresh sensations.

Millions of players around the world play the new Shadowlands update. The latest update is a chapter in the history of the legendary World of Warcraft. Each player will find something for himself in it. If you still don’t know if it’s worth trying to play in the new expansion, then cast aside your doubts and welcome to the world of WoW.

Why do you need WoW boosting?

WoW is a challenging game, and you need to have enough experience to collect high-level items. Boosting services in WoW are used by players who are faced with all sorts of difficulties or lack of free time.

Areas where players may have trouble:

The release of the new add-on is another reason to enter the game and dive into the world of WoW. Visit new locations and have an unforgettable experience. If you can’t earn an achievement or don’t have enough time to complete the dungeon, then a boost in WoW will not let you miss out on rewards.

Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony was peculiar. Actually, as before, but with minor changes in the program. Who hasn’t talked about these changes! These are both ordinary Internet users and fans of the WoW series. The event itself is unique. The player’s task is to go to the World of Warcraft. His mission is to learn about the connection with dead souls. Shadowlands events unfold sometime after defeating NʼZoth.

The inhabitants of Azeroth have faced a difficult test. As a result, the balance of the world was upset. Never before has the world been on the brink of disaster. In the Womb, from where there is no exit, the deceased went. The reality is that the Arbiter, who defines the dead’s souls as they deserve, is no longer working. Let’s make some adjustments. But it’s not that simple. There are specific rules for continuing.

Blizzard has decided to please World of Warcraft fans. Here is another exciting addition. This update introduces new personalization options. Now each player can customize his character at his discretion. For example, you can decorate the blood elves with bracelets or add more scars to a person’s face. Or add glowing eyes to your Worgen. Thus, other players will know who and what awaits them in the future. You can’t fool nature. And here everything is as it should.

Fresh WoW character customization screen

We pass to the screen where you can create your character. The character’s appearance has changed. If you choose a class, the character customization comes to life, accompanied by beautiful animation. Rogues go on the full attack; shamans make potential enemies tremble with fear. The reapers soar into the air to show their power of Light. Reveal the whole essence of the style! Plus, all significant races will get new hairstyles, tattoos, scars, and jewelry.

Fresh WoW character customization screen

Go to the WoW character selection screen

The player can now change their appearance; this option is available in the drop-down menu. This menu has received a new update and now looks much better. You can choose the color of the eyes or skin. One action and your character will receive a fresh coat or eye color. It will be convenient for you. Now the choice will be much easier.

Your WoW character customization is your destiny

Choose the way you need it and how you want. So, have you already chosen a character? Now we need to save the edits. Choose the character customization you like, and off you go. Is the name available? Excellent! If the name is free, you can continue. If not, you need to come up with a unique name. And remember: you can always change the character customization before making these edits. Let’s start with the looks of your virtual player.

Your WoW character customization is your destiny

Choose the appropriate portrait, and you can start the fun in WoW. It’s a hairdresser and hair dyeing. It would help if you made your character look presentable. Now it’s available, and it’s time to try it. Forward to the conquest of the peaks! Now we turn to the druids.

The changes also affected them. They are more related to appearance. There are a lot of options, so choose the one that you like best. For example, you can always select the Druid Fire Cat Form. The condition itself looks like this. It would help if you got Fandral’s fiery scythe in Firelands by switching to heroic mode. Well, either in a usual way or fast travel, bypassing time constraints.

World of Warcraft Boosting

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What’s new at the WoW Shadowlands Barber?

Apart from the many settings, there are a few general changes for everyone. Change the gender of the character. Fast, efficient, and straightforward. But as always, to change sex, you had to invest real money. With the new update, you can spend gold denomination to change gender. As you can see, the goal is simple. And the money-saving is fabulous. Finally, what everyone has been waiting for in the MMO has appeared and new weapons as usual.

Have you already set up your WoW character? Unleash your fantasies. Let’s start with the equipment. What matters is how your character customization should look. So, let’s start with the battle for the title of the strongest and most fearless warrior!

It’s your chance to become the best WoW player in gaming history.

Now, you can get even more unique weapons and armor. Your opponents are a severe threat. But you are not a timid one either. It’s time to let them know what awaits them. Use a sword, blunt weapon, polearm, staff, and crossbow. And from armor, use cloth, chain mail, plate, and leather.

the WoW Shadowlands Barber

It brings us to the end of the article. Well, if you are missing a new look and look, you can always dye your hair or get a trendy haircut. We decided to ask what you think about this. What do you like – changing the sex or appearance of your character? Let’s discuss this. We are sure that you have something to tell us that it will be interesting for our readers and us. It’s the truth.

It may be interesting: How to choose the WoW realm properly?