Developers blended amazing visuals, deep customization, fast-paced gameplay, and strategy-based concepts in the Rocket League. The person who never played the game could ask what is challenging to drive a car and knock a ball into a net. This is easy, isn’t it? Well, the Rocket League is not quite simple as an outsider can think. Strategy is the essential thing if you want to win in the game. Our team decided to make a Rocket League strategy guide. This material will take you through everything you need to remember to create fabulous and fun strategies.

The First rule in the Rocket League strategy

Our team decided to make this rule our number One because this is crucial to understand to start playing better. The first rule: Move around and do not stay in the same place. It is frustrating to see when top-notch, higher rank players do the same thing during the match. This strategy doesn’t work. Stop trying to stay in one place. You have to move around the map.

Do not violate the 1st Rocket League Strategy rule.

rl art

We beg you, stop rushing for the same ball. Our team consists of aggressive players, so this rule was hard for us. However, we figured out that we won more if one or two of our teammates go for the ball. When the whole team is rushing the ball, you just mess each other up. We can not tell you how frustrating it is to call a shot and have someone from your team disturbing your plans. You are sabotaging yourselves. When your teammate goes up for the shot, do not follow him or her. Remain on the ground or play support. It will be much more effective if you stop messing up with each other’s plans. Stop sabotaging your team!

Overly aggressive play. Every member of our team loves playing aggressively. It is fun, engaging, and enjoyable. However, aggressive play can cause defeat. There are few situations where an entire team should be attacking all at once. The reason for it is that the single rebound from the enemy team and everyone is retreating to defend their gates and shoot towards the enemy. The teammate stumbles upon each other and starts to accuse other players. When you see that your teammate goes after the ball, go back to your base or provide support. Do not intervene with the plans of team members.

Overly passive play. We are aware that we dedicated the whole paragraph to scolding aggressive teams. However, it is essential to find the right balance between overly aggressive play and too passive. Overprotection provides control over the whole field for your enemies. They can attack, fall back, regroup and attack once more. The entire team doesn’t have to defend the gates when the threat occurs. You need to provide every player with a particular role and convince him to stick to it. It is tough to implement, but you will nail every single match if you do it correctly. Besides that, it is essential to communicate and understand what your teammate is going to do.

Be humble in your Rocket League strategy.

rl art

You need to admit that you are not the greatest player of whole times. It is possible, but chances are slim. It is more like you will miss shots, whiff sometimes, and just be the wrong player. This tip is not essential if you are a professional cybersport player, you can skip this part. Everyone else, listen to this Rocket League strategy tip. Don’t be an island. Rocket League is a team game. Use your teammates. The winners always work with other players on their team to achieve the common goal. Sometimes you’ll run into pro gamers that can deal with the entire enemy team and win the match solo, but those are pretty rare. In the majority of the situations, Rocket League is an evenly matched game. Rely on your teammates and be sure that they can rely on you.

A short note: We are playing Rocket League long enough to understand that the works mentioned above in theory, but sometimes, your teammates just terrible. They are throwing, or drunk, or sleepy, or laggy, but they’re not reacting to your attempts to build the concise strategy. We are not talking about those players. Sure, it’s great when you can successfully convince people to do their share. But we recommend you focus on teamwork and getting the ball to the player that can use it effectively.

Teammate thoughts in Rocket League strategy

Every Rocket League can relate to this situation. You see that your teammate has the ball right in front of him. It is an easy shot. However, he missed it. You are frustrated because this shot was so easy that you could hand your control to your cat, and it would hit the ball. Thus, Rocket league strategies highly depend on communication with other players. Communication is vital for every multiplayer game. If everyone is aware of what their teammates are doing, it is much easier to win.

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Summary of Rocket League strategy guide

rocket league art

Rocket League is a great game. It is entertaining, fun, and breathtaking. However, it is much more enjoyable when you are winning, and grand strategy is the essential part of winning the game. In this Rocket League Strategy guide, our team provided you with knowledge about the most common mistakes and gave you solutions to them. Thank you for reading this guide. We hope that our advice will help you to create effective Rocket League strategies.

Hope you have great holidays, and now ready to rush into Rocket League matches with the best cars. There are updates and new items in the game, you should try. That’s why we compiled a list of Rocket League’s best cars for you. 

List of cars

We realize that our list is not the ultimate one, because you can have a different point of view because of your experience, personal tastes and maybe some other facts, but still – it’s all up to your taste, we just have our version of this top, based on dozen factors, to recommend it to you.

We compiled this list in a view of gamer’s community reviews, our own experience, game statistics, and of course our experts and professional players reviews. With all this data we created a short, Top-5, list of the Rocket League best cars to play in 2021, and our list includes:

  1. Octane
  2. Dominus
  3. Breakout
  4. Mantis
  5. Merc


It’s a fantastic car because of its simplicity in gameplay and well-known high stats. It’s the most popular car in Rocket League for the last three years, and it’s not only popular, but it’s also the best one.

Octane could be a good choice for experienced players and also for beginners, because of its simplicity, its universal both for fun and ranked matches. Have high move speed and controllability that allows you to do lots of maneuvers and confuse your opponent. It also means that you can train to make tricks on it on the special maps or even in the matches.

The only fact about this car that could be a disadvantage is that it’s pretty small, so try to avoid slamming with your enemies. Of course, it’s not the smallest one, but average cars are bigger. Use your benefits in speed and movability to slip away from your opponents and to make a goal. This car gives you wide abilities to improve your skills and try different tactics.

We think that it will not lose its’ popularity in this and even in next years, so it worthy to be on the first place of our top.


Gold Dominus

This car is for those who like the big size. Dominus is well known and loved by fans for its’ offensive potential, in the case of this car you can literally make a goal not only with the ball but also pull your opponents in the gates. Solid design and big size of the model are not only pross of this car, having a big hitbox allows slamming your enemies toughly.

The only disadvantage is that it has a lower movability than cars like Octane, but looking at this minus from an alternative way – you don’t need to make any maneuvers if you can just go through your opponents and make a goal.

From this description, you have to understand already, that it’s also perfect for beginners as Octane. To have fun, train some basic game mechanics or tactics, and smash anybody you want. It also has wonderful look in the game, customizing it up to your tastes, and don’t forget to check out new items.


One of the most important characteristics, especially in Rocket League matches, is accuracy. If it’s high you can make long-shot goals and dominate your opponents without any exotic tricks, difficult maneuvers, or slamming. Breakout is a perfect choice for those players, who prefer to play accurately and catch a lucky moment for a goal. Some of the player’s joke that this car looks like it made from a blocky boulder, but in practice, it helps to do accurate kicks and passes, as well as for dribbling and good controllability

So, it’s not the most beautiful car in the game, but it is still highly effective for high-skilled players. Practical, accurate, smooth, and unusual looking car, that worth to be in our top.


Rocket league mantis

It’s a flat car, so the main advantage in gameplay is stability, this car is for smooth driving. It is very good for offensive playstyle and can realize their potential fast attacks. Mantis is could also be effective in defending gates, but it could be risky so keep it in mind, if you are sure of your skill it will be comfortable to play both for offense or defense. High move speed and stability provide high effectiveness of Mantis, of course, if you use the right tactic.

Also, this car has a lot of variants of cosmetic customizing, so you will definitely find your perfect look.


It’s another blocky giant that could scare the opponents, slamming them away and making goals. Despite the size and look, this solid car is pretty comfortable to drive and control. But as disadvantages, we should mention low boost speed and quick maneuvers or tricks. You should understand that it’s a good car but its’ main game plan is to play as a tank and avoid tricks from the small and speed cars like Octane, that could steal the ball and evade slamming.

If you have friends to play with, it would be perfect if they will use these “small and speed” cars to make the ultimate offensive team.

Which car is the best?

The best car is that car that you like and know how to play on. Our top is a valuable recommendation to know but making a choice is up to you. Every car has pros and cons, you should orient on cars that are preferable for your playstyle. Try, train, have fun and get pure joy.

Our Rocket League best cars top is a shortlist of cars that players and our analytics liked, you can write your own.

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Rocket League is a fantastic game. This is the game you can play unconditionally from your mood. Are you pissed off? Turn on rocket league and have a great time. Are you having a great day enjoy an entertaining game just came from work and tired, miss the ball 1000 times, and have a great time? Nevertheless, every gamer knows that the game is more enjoyable to play when you are winning matches. The internet is full of guidelines making it troublesome to understand what to focus on first, particularly when starting with the game. So our team composed a list of rocket league tips that will assist you to elevate your play to another level.

Who should use these Rocket League tips?

rocket league art

We don’t know how long you are playing in Rocket League, but we included tips and tricks in this list that everyone should find something for themselves. Whether you’re merely starting with a game or you’ve continued playing from the game lunch. You can know some of this advice, but there will be ones that you don’t know yet. Our team composed this list that we have personally picked up and learned during our own time playing the game.

Do this thing to improve your Rocket League experience.

Every single player had the experience when there were just teleporting all fiercely around the map. You think you are in the one part of the map, but then the Rocket League teleports you on the opposite side of the field, and you are all confused. We understand this feeling all too much. Our team used to have 400 ping each game. Once one team member teleported outside the map, similar to the glitch videos you can find on Youtube. Do you want to get the pro Rocket League tip? Here’s the first: get stable and high-speed internet. We highly recommend you use an ethernet cord. Technically, your wi-fi router produces the same amount of speed, but the internet cord will provide a more stable connection and faster speed. Trust us. if you can’t obtain the chord, wireless can do the trick, although if you’re playing in the concrete house, a house with highly thick walls, or playing far from your router, there is a possibility for random connection losses. High pink sucks for casual play and turns into the complete nightmare if you are playing the comp.

What is the first Rocket League tip I need to understand?

We considered this advice somewhat stupid and obvious; however, we found out that our friends didn’t do this after playing hundred hours of Rocket League. Thus, we think that it’s something that we have to mention just in case. Some of you can make the same mistake like our friend. Utilize the camera to focus on the ball. We beg you to do it. We saw players that sabotage themselves because they completely ignored it. Just stop. Don’t do this. The developer implemented the ball cam in the game to help you. Indeed, you can turn it off when you are going after a boost or don’t need to focus on the ball, but it’s a widespread problem for people playing Rocket League. Without it, your experience can be confusing, disorienting, and will be causing headaches.

Rocket League tips to not get scammed in the marketplace

One of our favorite thing in the Rocket League is trading. With trading, you can collect the skins you want or even make some money with them. However, it is the fastest way to get ripped off. Sure, it is just pixels on the screen, but many marketplaces for buying and selling in-game things for real money exist on the internet. Thus, people make a lot of cash by scamming people on their items and selling them to others. There are thousands of ways how you can get scammed on the Rocket League marketplaces, so we decided to give you some tips to avoid it:

Your car matters

rocket league car

It is a complicated question. Cosmetically, you are free to choose any items you like, but the model of your car affects your performance. It would be best to consider that the different types of car hitboxes are better suited for different in-game roles. One can be perfect in the offense, but the other is much better in the defense. We highly recommend you to read our article about different hitboxes in Rocket League. The last thing concerning cars, don’t be one of those teammates who use annoying engine sound. Just stop.

Rules of communication in Rocket League

The quick chat is invaluable for communications during the game, but you can type out a unique massage. However, with this Rocket League tip, we want to inform you that developers can ban you from using chat. You have to be mean to get in trouble; nevertheless, don’t be a trash talker. We know it is fun to troll someone online. However, there is a significant difference between having some fun and being a colossal prick to people. You need to understand that most people are there to enjoy themselves.

Summary of the Rocket League tips

This article told you about some of the more essential Rocket League tips that helped us better understand the game. We are aware that this is not the ultimate beginner guide. Not even close. We haven’t touched tactics, air dribbling, and many others. Nevertheless, understanding something new about the Rocket League makes this game so fun and unique. There will be many people that play better than you. So just enjoy yourself and relax.
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Psyonix game developers tell that all Rocket League Crates systems will be removed soon. The Update is coming in December.

The first important thing to tell about is replacing Crates with Blueprints. So now after finishing the match, there will be a random shot to have Blueprints drop. Players can check what can be made of this particular Blueprint and then decide – create it or not.

The second one is Credits. A new type of game money. Players will use them for creating items from Blueprints and for a new Item Shop and Rocket Pass Premium upgrading. After this patch, all your Keys will be transformed into credits.

The initiative of providing Blueprints is based on the new law, which says that all “surprise mechanics” should be removed from games, to avoid children buying them. That’s why game developers also have to change their Rocket League Crates to Blueprints.

Another new change is the Trade-In system, developers warned that after the update players will not be able to use “paid content” in it. In this list are the Item Shop, Blueprints, and Rocket League Crates, but those free drops that you have after the match will able to trade.

The last one is cosmetic changes of inventory options. Players will be allowed to archive those items, they don’t like to use in the list of customization.

Which of Rocket League Crates worth opening before the removal?

Another question is – which off Rocket League Crates are best? If you want to know which of them are the best and contain rare items, here is a detailed guide for you.

Rocket League Crates

rocket league crates

Rocket League is a paradise for creative gamers because there you can customize your car with a lot of aesthetic items and have the most extraordinary battle car in the game, flying on it and collecting goals. You always have a chance to catch the drop after matches, but if you open them you should have Rocket League keys which costs you real money.

Top 5 Rocket League Crates

1.Players Choice

Full of rare items like Titanium White Dracos and White Zombas wheels and have a high chance of an amazing drop.

List of items:

2.Triumph Crate

New Rocket League Crate. Сontains very rare and expensive Black Market items, like Dissolver, the Storm Watch, and the Toon. Worth it to try your luck.

List of items:

3.Velocity Crate

Another interesting Crate has a wide variety of Goal Explosion items. The best one and the most popular is Dueling Dragons. Also has three Black Market items to drop.

List of items:

4.Ferocity Crate

This Rocket League Crate contains very popular and marketable items like Zowie, Asik, Jayvyn wheels, and lots of others.

List of items:

5.Impact Crate

Another new Rocket League Crate, unique items, and very expansive Fire God and Streamline for the luckiest ones.

List of items:

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In 2019 it was advertised that Epic Games negotiate about buying Psyonix studio. And it finally happened.

Rocket League became free to play and has a lot of updates after that and one of them is new ranks. After ranks have been reset to “Season 1”, because of providing new Rocket League Level Ranks, lists of them will be published soon after the update. The system of earning MMR will be the same, players will have to play competitive matches to boost their Rocket League Level Ranks.

To know what is your actual MMR you need at least 10th level, then you’ll be able to play competitive matches we’ll get and see your rank. it will be shown above the name of the match type. As for reaching the 10th level and leveling at all, for new players, it would be useful to know how the leveling system works.

How to rank up?

Rocket league possesses different separate ranks for each competitive game type. It is possible that you will be superchampion in 2vs2 type, but the lowest in 3v3. The player needs to play 10 games to get himself an initial rank. Only winning or losing determines your rank and your individual performance is irrelevant. You can earn 200 points in one game, while a teammate earns over 1,000. If you lose, that loss is the only thing that will affect your rank

List of Rocket League ranks

Rocket League Levels

rl art

Players earn XP while playing matches. Every time collecting enough experience points they reach new Rocket League Levels. According to new mechanics, we decided to highlight some improvements:

  1. Players will not be able to earn experience in offline matches anymore. It’s because some tricky players can abuse this to claim Rocket League level rewards without any competition. Also for pumping their Rocket League titles without upgrading their skill, it’s not fair.
  2. All currently earned experience will be transformed according to the new Rocket League level ranks system as soon as the update will be provided in the game.
  3. Level’s rewards will also have changed mechanics. Now you will not claim one post-match unlock and collect them one by one. You will be able to get them all in one as a reward for hard self-improving work and invested time after a certain number of matches. It’s important to revise that these changes don’t refer to those players, who already claimed these items.

The difficulty of reaching new Rocket League levels has decreased now. New bonus mechanics will give players an extra experience for some specific game actions:

Rocket League Titles

Before the update, it was a huge experience difference between on- and offline matches. Because playing online you can earn 2X experience. Offline mode was preferable for skills training and pure fun, of course, players also use online matches for this but if it’s not competitive ones. Competitive matches are for gaining MMR points and raise your Rank. You should be serious with them if you want to come to the Top and race with the best of the best.

The Rocket League Titles system has special mechanics that you should know about. It’s a system of checkpoints, you should get the needed level before claiming a new title. You have to do this every 20 levels. These mechanics will be working till you accomplish the 100th level. After it, you will claim a new title with every new hundred. Titles start from the Veteran and ending with Demigod, the last one is for the 1000th level. Also, important info for you is that you need twenty thousand experience points every time you want to get a new level, this mechanic works after reaching the 20th level.

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There are a lot of game genres which are distinguished by their stylistics and gameplay. Arcade games are a very popular and famous genre for players. A lot of casual gamers like to rush into arcade worlds. Arcade genre is the most unusual for the gaming world because it provides a brand-new vision of current game genres and gameplay.

One of the most famous arcade games is the Rocket League. This game was created and released by independent studio Psyonix. This project became very popular upon its release on the 7th of July 2015. In fact, this game is a sequel to «Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars», also developed by Psyonix 7 years earlier.


Rocket League has a single and online mode. Developers paid much attention to a fun arcade style that allows players to have fun with their friends.

As a small company, Psyonix wanted to be loved by gamers and Rocket League upon its own release has raised to a huge project with great success and cross-platform access to play.

This game added brand-new unique gameplay and stylistics. Developers want to pull gamers into new gameplay. Such an approach is so welcome in the game industry. Investors and developers always want to have huge revenue and to achieve this, they should make their product different from others.

The huge positive moment is that Rocket League has cross-platform, it means you can play on PC, and be in a team with players on PS4 and others. Thanks to comfortable sticks control Rocket League has a huge success on PS4 and meanwhile on Nintendo Switch.

Style and genre of the Rocket League

Game of rocket combines an arcade genre with racing by design. At the start of selling the game had a stable price, but recently Psyonix made Rocket League free to play. By this announcement, they also highlighted that the game of rocket would not be available on Steam anymore. Now this game is available in Epic Games Store on PC. One of the key features of PlayStation is you don’t even need PS Plus to play online.

As we highlighted now, you can play Rocket League for free. And developers decided to leave all the abilities and gameplay features that were in an original paid product. The main arcade feature in this game is that game of rocket combines racing style and soccer gameplay. Forget everything you’ve ever imagined about soccer and cars. You don’t have to push a ball in front of you while you’re wrestling with uncomfortable driving. Despite that Rocket League allows you to play for free, it still has regular updates and challenges. All the progress you`ve received before this game went for free will also be saved. Also, Rocket League’s official page on Twitter has regular updates and news.

This game is the best variant for players who love racing and sports games in one realisation. But even if you are not interested in football, you`ll fall in love with this game because of how it’s realised and mixed in gameplay and pleasurable visual graphics.

Rocket League has dynamic and fast gameplay. You can play in a single mode or play online with your friends. The sport part of this game is based on soccer. Soccer is one of the most popular kinds of sport. It is easy to learn and dynamic to play, and soccer still has some highlights to realise in video games. Rocket league playing for free has huge success upon its announcement and invites millions of new players.

Rocket League Gameplay


A team of several riders (one to four) have to drive the ball into the opponent’s goal. The problem is trivial, but the ways are crazy. Heavy cars are easily obeyed by any teams, rotating almost as cards from Mario Kart, almost free to move up the curtain walls (as in Trackmania), jumping on suspension and literally flying on impulse from accelerators.

In addition, the players are at the highest level of their physical form and are able to spin a backflip in the air at a stroke of a stick or key — in any conditions, whenever. Such tricks can give the ball additional acceleration or spin it, especially if it is speeded up.

As we highlighted there is strange physics, but you`ll get used to it in just five minutes, and you will ride your auto as perfect as in any other racing game.

Rocket League became free to play because this game is friendly for new players. We can advise you to complete training or play in single mode before going to play online. If you want your account to be boosted, you can order Rocket League boosting. It allows you to gain more experience and get the best results in a short time!

Graphic specify and requirements in Rocket League

The graphic in the game is easy to understand and beautiful at the same time. All the visual effects highlight the dynamics of the match. Psyops has been working with Unreal Engine for all their existence equal 13 years in the game sphere. In spite of a bright and dynamic graphic style, it doesn’t prevent you from seeing the ball and all what is happening around.

Rocket League has really easy to get minimal system requirements on PC:

  1. Windows 7 or newer;
  2. 2.4 GHz Dual core processor;
  3. Nvidia GTX 260 or ATI 4850;
  4. 2.0 GB of RAM;
  5. 7.0 GB of free space on HDD/SSD.

Rocket League is a unique project in the game industry. By all the creator`s creativity and effort, this game became so popular.

Also, a lot of players love this game because of fast matches around 5 minutes. There are a lot of players, so you won`t stay in a queue for a long time. Because of fast matches, there is a perfect possibility to say «one more game and go to bed». But this game pulls you so hard, and you can play for a long time.

Rocket League is a simple yet profound, competitive game for personal computers. To those who don’t understand how to boost in Rocket League, we created a list of Rocket League advice to examine whenever you are playing in multiplayer. This list is not a step-by-step guide by any means.

Think of this material as more of a contour. You should have these elements in mind when going into a match or practicing throughout your games whenever you get the possibility. When it comes to Rocket League, stay calm and always be prepared to learn because you need to cover many things. With practice, you’ll soon be pulling off trick punches, and fantastic ball clearing saves.

Adjust the Camera

Our first advice about how to boost in Rocket League will be adjusting your camera. As trivial as this advice can sound, changing the camera settings can radically change how your play. The standard camera settings do an excellent job of showing what is happening in front of you. But there are some camera settings that you can change to better view what is going on.

The Height, FoV (Field of View), Angle, Swivel, Stiffness, Distance, and Camera Shake every single one of these settings you can adjust to suit your preferences. Besides that, you can change the ball targeting to hold or a toggle command. You can pinch this on your own if you like, but if you want to learn what camera settings pro players use, there are a few lists that you can find with a quick Google search.

Stop chasing the ball.

Our second advice about how to boost in Rocket League will be to stop chasing the ball. Your Instinct is telling you to hit the ball anytime it approaches you. But Rocket League is a team game, and you have to evaluate who is in a more advantageous place to take the ball.

Often, you will see that it’s your turn to fall behind and protect your gates. Even if it’s not, retreating to provide support for your team is a safer and just better choice.

Even in the situation where you’re rotating correctly, and you’re are going after the ball, sometimes your teammate has a better angle. Stop chasing the ball and let the teammate handle it. If your teammate knows what he is doing, this will allow him to create a great pass and obtain an easy goal for your team.

Find a teammate

Our third advice about how to boost in Rocket League will be finding the right partner to play the game with him. Whether you play casual or ranked matches, our team highly recommends you find a person you can play in Rocket League. It will decrease the odds of rage quit in the middle of a challenging game. Besides that, it is much easier to play as a team with your buddy when speaking on Discord.

This little advice will significantly improve your chances of winning the match.

When matchmaking solo, you embrace the prospect of getting paired with users who may be bothered from their previous loss, in a bad mood, or who don’t know how to play appropriately. Every Rocket League player has a unique playstyle, and reading this can be pretty challenging. So, we recommend you lure one of your friends into the Rocket League or find one on the forums or a Rocket League subreddit.

Take competition to the Air.

rl art 2

Rocket League’s ball has a complex logic of operating. It ricochets throughout the playing field depending on how hard you punched it, where you hit it, and what section of your vehicle makes contact. Naturally, the players take the ball to the air during hectic games, making it hard for the opposite team to control it. Fortunately, your car’s boost and jump abilities help you fly through the air to do precisely that.

Don’t understand us wrong. Aerial gameplay is challenging to master. It takes many hours of practice to become a master of it. In a nutshell, aerial gameplay is jumping while boosting and holding back on the control button. It lets you fly through the air. Additional manipulation of the control button and boosts allows you to adjust your trajectory and pitch. Learning how to control your car in the air can be extremely useful and will give you a massive advantage during the games.

Sadly, there is no simple advice that will help you to perfect your aerial game instead of old-fashion practice. We recommend you perform aerial strikes whenever you have the opportunity. You will also find Rocket League’s practice mode very useful. It will help you to understand in-game physics in a calm environment. Don’t be afraid to try; you can’t get good if you don’t attempt.

Make use of the Walls.

If you are going to ask professionals, what is the most thing to master when playing in Rocket League? Most of them are going to tell you to learn to utilize the walls most efficiently. As our team mentioned, air maneuvering is a significant part of the match. Most newbies are inclined to wait for the ball to land before trying to fight for it.

On the other hand, professional players will not wait for the ball to land on the ground. You can be sure that experienced users will follow the ball into the air.

An excellent way to practice would be to hit the ball into a wall and follow it for several seconds after doing your best to intercept it. It is tough to master how to throttle the boost and when to time your jumps, mainly because the ball will not act the same way each time. But endure it because the earlier you include walls into your game, the more effective you will be during the actual matches.

Take Breaks

rl art 3

Last but not least, take some breaks despite how simple it can sound. Notwithstanding how well or poorly you perform, it is essential to break from the Rocket League for a while and rest. No, we aren’t bugging you about playing too much. Instead, it is easy to become overwhelmed as you train and feel like you aren’t making enough improvement. It’s typical to become addicted, considering how rewarding and rich the gameplay can be and how good players can dominate the whole team during a match.

Our team recommends you simply leave the Rocket League when you’re feeling a bit fiery. You will not perform better if you’re stressed. On the opposite, you are playing worse when you have a bad mood. Understand that you make errors and act towards learning from them, rather than beating yourself up. Once you’re feeling untroubled, give the Rocket League another go.

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