10 Keys to Understanding Fortnite Save the World

10 Keys to Understanding Fortnite Save the World

09 October 2020

Fortnite Save the World is a cooperative mode where four players must survive against hordes of zombies, setting traps, and erecting fortifications. Do you want to have fierce battles with the zombies? Are you ready to be the bellicose warrior? This mode won’t leave you indifferent.

The player can ensure that his team or the character himself remains the only survivor on the battlefield by avoiding opponents and improving weapons and combat skills. Besides, the player stumbles across useful loot from time to time. The devs have added construction elements to the Fortnite Save the World. So the players can destroy almost every object in the game world to obtain resources (wood, stone, metal) that they can use to build their fortifications during the campaign.

Zombies are different

Fortnite Save the World

Here’s a team of four players saving the world from out of nowhere macabre zombies. Did you miss the opportunity to build a fort yourself, and not hide in random shelters during the mission? Take boards, stones, or metal barriers and build fortifications, traps, and other real tower defense elements. Fortnite Save the World seems to give you complete freedom.

As soon as the next task appears on the horizon, you take control of one of the heroes at the scene and, on his behalf, solve the problems that have arisen.

Shoot and relax

The main part of the Fortnite Save the World tasks revolves around the protection of a specific object or point. Yet Fortnite is a game about forts, and the fortifications are not for beauty. The developers approached many elements of the game with humor. Visually, Fortnite looks insane, with Pixar graphics, good humor, and without the gore so popular in co-op games.

Nobody tries to keep a straight face where you can joke, and this is one of the most apparent game’s advantages over competitors who strive to throw pieces of the enemy’s carcasses right into the screen. At least, you will not flinch from the tension in your sleep by firing at the local zombies. Fortnite Save the World allows you to relax in the evening after work.

the start of the Fortnite Save the World

There are many ways to destroy enemies behind the external cartoonishness. The game is structurally divided into two parts. The first is preparation and construction; the second is war. First and foremost, you need to extract resources by taking apart everything that comes to hand with a pickaxe. Almost everything is used: from a car to an entire house, along with a concrete footpath. Of course, rare resources only drop from certain things, and you will have to search for some of them for a long time. In a voluminous menu, Fortnite Save the World will tell you where it is best to rummage around, but their exact location and loot’s type will have to be searched for thoroughly.

It’s your chance to win in Fortnite! Are you ready for Battle Royale?

Build a real citadel

Let’s start building the fort together! There are three main materials at your disposal: wood, concrete, and metal, as well as many additional ones, such as ropes, nuts, and special powders. Each material has different properties, damage resistance, and other characteristics. By combining these resources, you will build your fortifications: walls, floors, roofs, and stairs.

You can edit building blocks as needed. For example, a regular wall is a block of 3×3 cells. Let’s remove the central cell and the one under it, and get a wall with a door. And having removed the two upper rows, we can put a convenient fence instead of a concrete wall. Because of it, the field is perfectly shot through, along which the crowd of evil spirits is roaming.

But a good fortification in Fortnite Save the World is walls and a roof and dozens of various traps, ranging from ordinary spikes to adze towers that destroy zombies. The choice of murder methods is great even in the preview version, but new technologies can only be unlocked by completing tasks. The traps are divided into types: some are installed in walls, some in floors, and some cannot be installed without a ceiling overhead.

But at the start of the Fortnite Save the World, you will have almost none of this, but you are not limited in construction. Want a ten-story brick building? Easy like taking candy from a baby, there would be resources. Do you want a real labyrinth, where the minotaur will also get lost? The same is possible, although coordination with teammates will not hurt for logically complex buildings. Otherwise, it won’t be easy, since one unsuccessfully placed ladder can disrupt the defense. Unplayed players will often suffer from inconsistent building decisions. Unfortunately, negligent party members do not yet have the function of voting for breaking the connection.

However, you don’t need to build complex structures, like tower fortifications. Yes, there will be flying zombies in the game, and then a sniper can be placed on a high tower, but the bulk will rush to the cherished goal on the ground.

As soon as you build the fortifications, you will be politely invited to the second part of the combat. Opponents behave like ordinary zombies. The enemies destroy the walls pretty quickly, and they are as tough as old boots. And health itself is not restored. 

play in Fortnite Save the World


Fortnite Save the World does not bring anything fundamentally new to the genre, but it doesn’t need it. The name of the game speaks of itself. We can say that it is a successful game because you can luxuriate in the gaming process and enjoy the zombies’ hordes. You won’t get bored one iota. The game’s plot tells about the strange zombie-like creatures’ invasion into the human world, which makes it more exciting. Who else, but you should save the world? That’s right; there is no one else!

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