Dota auto chess timings

In this article we will try to help you understand some of the key points of  auto chess timings. The secret of a good strategy lies in its stability. If you get to the top 3 in two of three games – this strategy can be called quite stable and working. How to achieve such stability and what rules should be followed? We will talk about this with you.

We will not analyze which combinations are the easiest to assemble and which of them are the most effective. In fact, all this is quite situational. We will talk about the timings in dota auto chess, which should be followed. It does not matter that you will have collected at the beginning of the game. It doesn’t matter if you have win-streak, or lose-streak. Just imagine for yourself and keep in mind that you must have 10 gold by the 10th round. Consider this as the minimum starting point you should have for a brighter future. Less accumulated is bad. Accumulated more – good. Do you have as many as 20 gold? – Generally fine, you are great.

What to focus on next? Everything is also on the rounds. Set for yourself the following task:

• Round 12 – 20 gold
• Round 13 – 30 gold
• Round 14 – 40 gold
• Round 15 – 50 gold

If you stick to these figures at least approximately, you will have everything in order with the economy in the game. If your economy is good, your winning chances are really high. Perfect,
now we try to live and play around 50 gold.


With the money more or less figured out, but do not forget about the levels:

• Round 1 – Level 1
• Round 2 – Level 2
• Round 3 – Level 3
• Round 4 – Level 4

But here we make a little pause. There are times when you are very unlucky on the starting pieces. For example, you have 4 goblins, but they are all different and it turned out that you still have 5 gold left. In this situation, we buy a book to strengthen ourselves and put 4 goblins on the table. Also at the beginning of round 5, we will have courier level 5 and a 2% chance to roll epics. Keep your levels by these rules, it’s important to keep your auto chess timings in good.

• Round 5 – Level 5
• Round 9 – Level 6

Further, it is difficult to calculate the subsequent level elevations, since you need to pay attention to many aspects, but try to keep so that by the 17th round you must have level 7. By the 20th round, it is desirable to have level 8.


There are also things like a game from a win-streak and a lose-streak. The game from the win-streak is based on the principle of a strong start and nice luck on pieces.
And here there are 2 branches of developments: in the first case, we regularly try to strengthen the table, so as not to lose the win-stream, thereby earning an additional 3 gold; in the second case, we are “chilling”, counting on our starting combination, thereby fitting into the timings better, but having a chance to fly off the win-streak. Which one of these two is good? In fact, they are both good. The choice of the option will depend on whether you are lucky with the chess pieces or not.


While adhering to this strategy, it is important to ensure that you don’t accidentally win someone. It is necessary to deliberately weaken yourself, thereby trying to keep the lose-streak. Don’t overextend on this way, because it might become difficult to comeback in case of low amount of health.. Or you will die at all, not having time to spend all the gold and find something necessary.


The most secret that will help you is very simple. Try not to press the units roll until you reach 50 gold. It is better to just buy all the chess pieces that you see (or that you are interested in), and then sell unnecessary ones. Using those rules of auto chess timings will help you to win or at least keep top3 in high amount of games.


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