Blizzard opened the doors to Shadowlands on November 24. The add-on has finally become available, and here we will tell you what the developers have prepared for users this time. Besides, in this article, we will understand what boosting is in WoW and who needs it.

The hero’s path starts again with leveling

The jokes that the former heroes in the new addon are becoming average workers are not at all a joke. You find yourself in a world that not only lives by its laws in Shadowlands. Here your hero is also disliked. Remember how many characters you killed in 15 years of playing WoW? They all ended up in the afterlife.

Each player has to go through four locations. You do not choose the order of passage of the story campaigns, unlike previous additions, but follow the plan: Bastion, Maldraxus, Ardenveld, Revendreth. You will earn the 60th level long before the end of the campaign if you complete all the quests along the way. Moreover, even with the right character customisation you will have to complete all the campaign tasks sequentially, regardless of the character level. Pay close attention to side quests only if you do not set a goal for yourself to quickly boost.

If you do not want to go through boring tasks that you can not skip, you can order a WoW boost. It’s a quick and easy way to get what you want. To get some rare items, you have to play dungeon for hours and still not know the fact that you will receive this item. WoW, boost ensures you get the things you want or level up. You can order any in-game service for the booster.

Choose the right Covenant

You will have to travel to Oribos again to select the covenant you will serve after reaching the maximum level. You can change it later, but this will slow down your progress. The main difficulty is to choose the right one, having practically no data in the game. Therefore, use the opportunity to test the covenants’ skills during the passage of the story campaigns.

There are four covenants in total – the primary abilities are given to you to try immediately upon entering the location. It’s never a bad idea to just beat the mobs for ten minutes longer to figure out which ability you like best.

The character will still play well in PvP or dungeons if you choose a covenant for raids. The bonuses that the covenant gives to the character in a given situation differ by 5-10% in terms of efficiency.

Every hero can craft legendary items now

You no longer have to wait for the right item to drop out of random loot, as in Legion. However, there is one annoying limitation of one legendary thing per hero. You will be able to craft several legendary items by the end of the expansion. You simply do not have enough resources, and therefore you only need to select one legendary at the beginning of the content. There are many items, but it remains to be seen which item will be the best for each specialization. Wait for enough experience before crafting legendary items. If you don’t want to wait, you can turn to the boosting service in WoW, and professional players will help you.

Legendary items will have several levels, which will require industrial-scale soul ash to rise. You can earn this resource once a week. Blizzard has come up with enough motivation for players to keep coming back to WoW again and again. But there will be no more grind. Collect the maximum amount of a resource in a couple of hours and wait for the next week.

World of Warcraft is popular again

Every time a new expansion is released, a massive number of players return to World of Warcraft. Some want to go through a story campaign and find out what happened to their favorite characters; others are waiting for a new ranked season in PvP or a raid. Players have been waiting for a long time for the developers to upload new content, and the game will get fresh sensations.

Millions of players around the world play the new Shadowlands update. The latest update is a chapter in the history of the legendary World of Warcraft. Each player will find something for himself in it. If you still don’t know if it’s worth trying to play in the new expansion, then cast aside your doubts and welcome to the world of WoW.

Why do you need WoW boosting?

WoW is a challenging game, and you need to have enough experience to collect high-level items. Boosting services in WoW are used by players who are faced with all sorts of difficulties or lack of free time. 

Areas where players may have trouble:

The release of the new add-on is another reason to enter the game and dive into the world of WoW. Visit new locations and have an unforgettable experience. If you can’t earn an achievement or don’t have enough time to complete the dungeon, then a boost in WoW will not let you miss out on rewards.

Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony was peculiar. Actually, as before, but with minor changes in the program. Who hasn’t talked about these changes! These are both ordinary Internet users and fans of the WoW series. The event itself is unique. The player’s task is to go to the World of Warcraft. His mission is to learn about the connection with dead souls. Shadowlands events unfold sometime after defeating NʼZoth.

The inhabitants of Azeroth have faced a difficult test. As a result, the balance of the world was upset. Never before has the world been on the brink of disaster. In the Womb, from where there is no exit, the deceased went. The reality is that the Arbiter, who defines the dead’s souls as they deserve, is no longer working. Let’s make some adjustments. But it’s not that simple. There are specific rules for continuing.

Blizzard has decided to please World of Warcraft fans. Here is another exciting addition. This update introduces new personalization options. Now each player can customize his character at his discretion. For example, you can decorate the blood elves with bracelets or add more scars to a person’s face. Or add glowing eyes to your Worgen. Thus, other players will know who and what awaits them in the future. You can’t fool nature. And here everything is as it should.

Fresh WoW character customization screen

We pass to the screen where you can create your character. The character’s appearance has changed. If you choose a class, the character customization comes to life, accompanied by beautiful animation. Rogues go on the full attack; shamans make potential enemies tremble with fear. The reapers soar into the air to show their power of Light. Reveal the whole essence of the style! Plus, all significant races will get new hairstyles, tattoos, scars, and jewelry.

Fresh WoW character customization screen

Go to the WoW character selection screen

The player can now change their appearance; this option is available in the drop-down menu. This menu has received a new update and now looks much better. You can choose the color of the eyes or skin. One action and your character will receive a fresh coat or eye color. It will be convenient for you. Now the choice will be much easier.

Your WoW character customization is your destiny

Choose the way you need it and how you want. So, have you already chosen a character? Now we need to save the edits. Choose the character customization you like, and off you go. Is the name available? Excellent! If the name is free, you can continue. If not, you need to come up with a unique name. And remember: you can always change the character customization before making these edits. Let’s start with the looks of your virtual player.

Your WoW character customization is your destiny

Choose the appropriate portrait, and you can start the fun in WoW. It’s a hairdresser and hair dyeing. It would help if you made your character look presentable. Now it’s available, and it’s time to try it. Forward to the conquest of the peaks! Now we turn to the druids.

The changes also affected them. They are more related to appearance. There are a lot of options, so choose the one that you like best. For example, you can always select the Druid Fire Cat Form. The condition itself looks like this. It would help if you got Fandral’s fiery scythe in Firelands by switching to heroic mode. Well, either in a usual way or fast travel, bypassing time constraints.

World of Warcraft Boosting

Do not forget that even choosing a great character, you need to learn how to play correctly and skillfully. If you don’t want to waste time on boring episodes in the game, try the WoW boosting service! The best boosters will fight day and night to help you get your desired rank, loot, and many victories!

WoW boosting is convenient, safe, and saves your free time. You can only complete interesting missions, learn from coaches, and even play with a helper who will teach you how to achieve what you want.

What’s new at the WoW Shadowlands Barber?

Apart from the many settings, there are a few general changes for everyone. Change the gender of the character. Fast, efficient, and straightforward. But as always, to change sex, you had to invest real money. With the new update, you can spend gold denomination to change gender. As you can see, the goal is simple. And the money-saving is fabulous. Finally, what everyone has been waiting for in the MMO has appeared and new weapons as usual.

Have you already set up your WoW character? Unleash your fantasies. Let’s start with the equipment. What matters is how your character customization should look. So, let’s start with the battle for the title of the strongest and most fearless warrior!

It’s your chance to become the best WoW player in gaming history.

Now, you can get even more unique weapons and armor. Your opponents are a severe threat. But you are not a timid one either. It’s time to let them know what awaits them. Use a sword, blunt weapon, polearm, staff, and crossbow. And from armor, use cloth, chain mail, plate, and leather.

the WoW Shadowlands Barber

It brings us to the end of the article. Well, if you are missing a new look and look, you can always dye your hair or get a trendy haircut. We decided to ask what you think about this. What do you like – changing the sex or appearance of your character? Let’s discuss this. We are sure that you have something to tell us that it will be interesting for our readers and us. It’s the truth.

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The Call of Duty series is hugely popular among players today, as is Battlefield. More precisely, they oppose them, proving the superiority of one over the other (the polarity can change depending on the camp to which the gamer belongs). Objectively both games have positive and negative sides. Much was expected from the relaunch of the Modern Warfare sub-series. Shooter classics are visible throughout drama, settings, and gameplay. Drama, setting, gameplay. The level, fellow players!

Shortly before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it received an age rating of 17+  because of violence against children (the reason is in harsh interrogations, blood, and the possible death of civilians). Then it became apparent that the developers were preparing to release something genuinely adult.

Fans of Modern Warfare were eager to see the continuation of history or a new look at it. Before that, the developers mentioned several times: this is not a remake or a sequel, but a full-fledged restart.It unties the hands and allows the game to consider new trends in the geopolitical arena including gender-social problems. Whether it is wrong or not, we will not judge subjectively; now and then, there is a dissonance between reality and fiction.

Cod warzone update: set your goals

As in the case of the last Battlefield, the fiction acts selectively: there are no hints, everything is self-explanatory. Only Urzykstan falls out – a state suffering from aggression and cities with false names.

The “bad” side is the terrorist organization Al-Katala, but this enemy is not so obvious – it acts more like a fictional character. Post-Soviet Russia or Castovia in an adapted version – a bad guy under the names of cities, departments. General Roman Barkov (an obvious villain) and his army by the US and British secret services, plus several allies. Here’s what you can see in this game. There are also “good Russians” – from the single-player campaign. Do you remember how hard it is to fight heavily armed opponents? They form a team of main characters with the necessary racial diversity.

Cod warzone update: set your goals

Bad Russian and good Russian. These are the irreconcilable opponents that the player will have to face in the sixth season of call of duty. But the biggest complaints from the audience were caused by how freely the developers handled historical facts (at one time, the creators of Battlefield V stepped on the same rake twice). In particular, the plot mentions the “road of death” attacked in MW by “Russian” troops. The attack was undertaken by the United States and its allies – during the Gulf War.

“We are telling a made-up story”, – Infinity Ward said in response to the accusations.

It’s pure slyness, which makes no sense to comment. At the same time, most gamers are unlikely to pay attention to this inconsistency

CoD Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 gameplay

If we abstract from the setting and do not look for similarities with the Cod season 6, it comes out fervently and dynamically. The developers change locations, time of day, arrange flashbacks, show beautiful cutscenes, which are then replaced by a picture of a new game engine. Long-range canopy shooting is fun. In multiplayer, however, it comes in handy only on a couple of maps.

Unfortunately, in terms of the variety of events, Modern Warfare 2019 is inferior to the original. It seems short – you got a taste, and you are shown a video hinting at a sequel, and you follow the development of events in the “Special Operation” mode. And where are the story flights on the AC-130, the firing from tanks and fast-paced jeeps?

Algorithms for respawning enemies remained from the classic cod warzone update. Are you tired of slowly making your way through the enemy ranks? You “rush” forward to the nearest trigger, finish off the rest – victory! Or you hone your patience, crawl a meter a minute in a bloody fog of half-death from an RPG. However, mini battle royale may require several attempts (either your nerves will not stand it, or simply inattention will play a bad joke). Then death and all over again. One of the mini-games suggests leading an embassy employee through a room filled with terrorists.

The gamer switches to different surveillance cameras, indicating where to go in Cod season 6. AI is triggered when the enemy is in a particular area. And then death follows.

However, the flaws are not noticeable for a shooter that implies an always fast pace – there is no time to look at them. Beautiful views, detailed weapons with excellent animation and sound effects.

What is the size of the Cod season 6?

The game is weighty. You need to understand this when you download updates to your PlayStation 4 19.3 GB, Xbox One 22.66 GB, and PC 57 GB.

Something else of Cod season 6

The developers have prepared even more interactive content for PS4 and Xbox One players. It’s about multiplayer mode and new special operations. PlayStation 4 requires 7GB, 5GB for PlayStation 4 Survival Pack, 8GB for Xbox One, and 5.9GB for Xbox One Survival Pack.

CoD Warzone boosting

If you find the game difficult, there is no reason to avoid it. The best CoD boosting services will do their best to help you to rise in rank, get more wins and become the best player in Call of Duty!

CoD Warzone boosting

Benefits of CoD Boosting:

  1. You don’t waste your time playing boring challenges.
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  4. Safety: the best boosters play for you to acheive the desired goals.

The changes in the Cod season 6 include the following:

Now Nikolay and Farakh are your new operators. How much equipment you have and how you can use it depends on them. Survival lag after respawning a teammate is less. The defending player on the Battlefield no longer has an advantage: he is now the same as other players of the cod warzone update.

changes in the Cod season 6

Fixed: a model of the receiving player in the prone position. Damage received in close combat is noticeably less.

Best assault rifle in the Cod warzone update

You can now more accurately track your Cod season 6 victories. But the enemies are invulnerable to the attacks of the players from the firearms on the elevator.

The good news: now even better performance Cod warzone update on powerful computers with NVIDIA Reflex GPU. If using a GTX 900, it will be more comfortable to play on a PC.

Cod warzone update

Have you already participated in the shootout in the arena? Try it. You have one try – and it should be successful. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by the enemy. And by the way, each squad will have a truck. It protects the maximum from bullets and other weapons that can destroy infantry in just a few minutes. Well, how can you resist installing the Cod season 6 update?

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Rocket League is a soccer arcade racing game that has gained incredible popularity. The developers have improved Tournaments in Rocket League, and players can feel competitive after the big summer update. Players can participate in ranked daily games and improve their skills.

Most players are interested in how to succeed in competitive games. If you’ve played ranked PVP before and are disappointed, then Rocket League will be your favorite competition.

The Competition matches is a new Rocket League game mode with a rank system. Fight with other teams close to your rating to get rewards. You can take part in tournaments an unlimited number of times.

Professional players develop their strategy that leads to victories thanks to how the competitive match system works. You will be able to join the successful players with enough experience and practice.

You will learn all about the nuances of competitive play in Rocket League in this article.

Lead the bracket

Take part in the free Rocket League tournaments. All gamers can play in competitive matches and win unique rewards. You will have unlimited possibilities to play in games that will take place daily in each region. You need to go into the new ranked menu, where it is shown all upcoming games for your region.

free Rocket League tournaments

The rewards of playing in the ranked games

The game has a new value, Tournament Credits, that the gamer will receive after completing the first round of ranked games in the Rocket League. The higher you move in the standings, the more currency you get. Players will receive more value for winning at a higher rank.

ranked games in the Rocket League

What happens if I leave a competitive tournament?

The exit of a player from a ranked tournament harms the crew, and the Rocket League provides punishments for such behavior.

Get ready to sweat hard to win tournament games for more rewards. A new approach to the competition will make the game even more exciting and will not let you get bored.

It may be interesting: Which is the best car in Rocket League?

The player needs to know the features of the game and car hitboxes to win the Rocket League. Select the vehicle that better matches your playstyle and dominates. It is worth considering the appearance and body and the autos’ capabilities to select the right auto. For a better understanding of the different types of vehicles, you should play on them. Car hitboxes show how the auto will interact with the ball and other players in Rocket League.

Various vehicle hitboxes

All autos belong to five classes: Breakout, Dominus, Hybrid, Octane, and Plank. Vehicles belonging to the same class work and behave in the field in almost the same way. All vehicles in the game have equal speed; this is necessary for balance. Let’s take a look at the features of the hitboxes car of different classes in the Rocket League.

Various vehicle hitboxes

Dominus in Rocket League

The Dominus is one of the first and most famous autos in the game. Players are effectively dribbling the ball and perform aerial stunts with a long autos body. Hitboxes make this car a versatile choice for any Rocket League mode. Dominus class cars are perfect for players who like to attack.


Hitboxes of Breakout cars are similar to Dominus. Many pro players prefer this class of vehicles, and this makes Breakout very popular among gamers. Fast and powerful vehicles are designed to make accurate strikes. Moreover, the Breakout class autos glide smoothly through the air, which helps the players do spectacular tricks in the air. Select Breakout for any game mode, and this car won’t let you down.

Hybrid in Rocket League

Hybrid vehicles have a versatile body style that allows gamers to easier to make turns. Hybrid hitboxes will help you do the best aerial stunts in Rocket League. Hybrid’s hitbox feel is very similar to the Dominus, allowing gamers to learn to play in this class of vehicles. The Hybrid is well suited for hardcore competitive games.


Car with Octane hitboxes appears first in your Rocket League account. Such autos are the most convenient and the most popular for many players. The versatility of Octane allows players to grasp the gameplay quickly and learn how to make strict shots. You should start playing with Octane; this auto will help you learn to play well. Most players love Octane cars and continue to play them for years. The versatility of this class makes Octane the best choice for any game mode regardless of player experience.

Octane in WoW


Plank cars have a wide and flat body. Vehicles of this class are great for players who like to perform incredible aerial stunts and love freestyle. Moreover, this hitbox is useful for blocking opponents’ attacks. Plank class machines are good at any task. Plank will be great if you need to dribble effectively or make a powerful shot.

Choosing the best car hitboxes in the Rocket League is subjective. In many ways, the player’s choice of a particular auto depends on the style of play. Machines of each class have their unique characteristics and cope well with specific tasks. Explore the different classes and hitboxes for a general understanding of each vehicle’s tasks before starting your first match. Do not look at the popularity of cars; there are many underestimated cars in the game that can become a good companion for you. Besides, if you are not getting some tricks, you can turn to the Rocket League boosting service. Pro players will help you understand the gameplay better and raise your rating in the game. Boosting is an honest and legal way to get your dream rating.

Every player can find what he likes in the action game Rocket League. Team matches allow you to show your talent with a variety of rocket vehicles. You must spend a lot of time trying all the cars in Rocket League. The developers tried to balance all the autos and divide them into five classes: Breakout, Dominus, Hybrid, Octane, and Plank. There is no universal choice of vehicle. Each of them has its advantages, and the player chooses what suits him. You can play well on any car if you train for a long time. This article will give a detailed overview of the great request vehicles in the Rocket League.

Which cars should you try first?

All cars in Rocket League have different hitboxes and features. You will receive vehicles that will appear after you play your first matches and buy unique vehicles or get them from loot boxes. Let’s take a look at the great request vehicles.


The Octane is one of the first cars that appears in your garage. This auto has a standard body and a better comfortable hitbox. The Octane chooses most of the pro players, and probably it is the versatile auto for the game. The Hitbox of this vehicle is excellent for beating balls and doing tricks in the air. This car is designed especially for different styles of play. Moreover, Octane is famous in the Rocket League because most of the wheels, antennas, and other items fit it, and the gamer can customize the auto as much as possible. Octane is a well starting point for your workouts.


At first glance, the Breakout has an unattractive design, but this does not prevent cars from being fast and mobile. The hitbox of this auto is designed for precise shots thanks to its large square bumper. Breakout is a universal model, and it can replace all cars in Rocket League for you. Besides, pro players often choose Breakout for their games and it’s not just that. The developers create many customization items for this car as it is one of the most famous bodies.


This car is the third most popular auto in the game. Dominus cars have a lot of customization items in the Rocket League. The vehicle has a medium hitbox and is ideal for players who like to attack. Convenient for dribbling and hitting the ball thanks to the flat body structure. Dominus matches well with most Rocket Boosts and has an excellent engine sound. There is a player on Dominus in every second match.


This is the standard car that players get for free. The main difference between the Merc and other bodies is its rectangular body. Rocket League players are a threat due to the big hitbox on these cars. The Merc is excellent for blocking the gate from enemy strikes. This car is not designed for fast driving; therefore, it is rarely used in the game except as a goalkeeper. 

Merc in WoW

Breakout Type-S

Many of the standard cars in the Rocket League have received new looks and improved bodywork. In general, the Breakout Type-S has the same body as the Breakout but looks different, and the developers have improved the engine sounds. This car will be an excellent choice for Breakout fans if you don’t want to change your favorite auto but don’t mind outside changes.


The Takumi is a great universal vehicle that bears several similarities to the Dominus. The Takumi auto has smooth handling and good performance. It is a comfortable car for all players, but if you want an updated exterior look, choose the Takumi RXT. Takumi’s new version has a more attractive appearance and stands out from other cars in the Rocket League with a cool spoiler.


The Batmobile is a unique dribble car, perfect for experienced Rocket League players. It will be easy to do tricks in the air and kick the ball with this car. Players could purchase Batmobile along with DLC, but for those who did not have time, there is no way to buy it because it is no longer available for purchase. The Batmobile is an exclusive and invaluable vehicle in the game.


DeLorean is an authentic car from the movie Back To The Future. It was available after the purchase of the DLC and is currently not for sale. Players often choose DeLorean for Dropshot mode. This car’s feature is its outside view; it has a unique paint that cannot be applied to other bodies.


This car is the most expensive auto in the Rocket League. The price of this body is 600 credits. You should know that Fennec has comfortable hitboxes, pleasant engine sound, and the vehicle is combined with a lot of wheels and customization items.


The Paladin is a standard car with a short but wide body. This vehicle is right for powerful shots and epic stunts. If you like the Dominus but are already a little tired of this body, try the Paladin a more extreme version of the Dominus.

Paladin in WoW


Mantis is an unusual car. This car has the shortest body in the game and is also very low. You can attack effectively with this vehicle and do air tricks. Besides, the Mantis is comfortable to dribble and is the right choice for many game regimes.


Car Marauder was made available in Rocket League after the DLC. The external Marauder is similar to the Merc, but it is more identical to the Octane in control and hitbox. If you prefer to play defensively, the Marauder is a perfect choice, with comfortable hitboxes and large size. Moreover, it is advantageous to fight at the gate with this machine.


The Venom is one of the most versatile machines that are equally well suited for beginners and pro players. This car will be a great choice in the Rocket League due to its characteristics, but it may not have the most exciting looks. Besides, the Venom is a reasonably aggressive machine that the player can use to make powerful shots.


You will have your favorite cars after playing a bit of the Rocket League, and you will also discover new underrated cars. Most players do not like X-Devil because of its unusual appearance, but this does not prevent the auto from being universal. Players will feel comfortable dribbling the ball with X-Devil because it has a long hitbox. This car is functionally thought out and will be an excellent choice in any game mode.

You need time to play better and win more often. Try to find out your perfect vehicle so you will play the game more confidently. Use the Rocket League boosting service if you want to speed up the process of your growth in the standings. Professional players will help you play better and tell you about the secrets of success. Boosting is a safe and legal way to earn more credits and raise your rank higher. 

Finding a comfortable car for yourself will help you reach your full potential.